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Live TEFL Course

A modern and progressive course for everyone wishing to become a successful EFL teacher.

Live TEFL offers an internationally recognized 4-week intensive course, combining a mix of theoretical and practical sessions. The course has been designed by highly qualified EFL (English as a Foreign Language) instructors with varied international experience in teaching English.

During these four weeks we will take you from having no experience to having all the knowledge and tools you need to confidently run your own classroom

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What is TEFL

TEFL is an acronym of Teaching English as a Foreign Language and it is often interchangeably used with TESOL which means Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

TEFL certification is an internationally recognized qualification for new as well as experienced English teachers who wish to teach English abroad to non-native English speakers. It is a required certification by language schools in countries where English is not a native language. It shows a prospective employer that you have sufficient knowledge and experience to manage your own classroom. So, if you wish to experience teaching English abroad, getting a TEFL certificate is a must.

A quality TEFL course usually includes training in English grammar, lesson planning, teaching methodology, classroom management and offers the opportunity to gain practical experience teaching real students of different levels.

Entry Criteria

18 years old

You have to be 18 years old at the start of your course.

Excellent English level

You need to show that your English is at a C1 level on the CEFR scale.

Higher education

Although a university degree is not a must, it is definitely an advantage.

Interest in teaching

A genuine interest in teaching is an important condition of acceptance.

Course Outline

At the core of our TEFL course are four modules; Language Awareness, Lesson Planning, Methodology and Teaching Skills. In addition to the modules you will also complete 7–9 practical sessions teaching real students under the guidance of the course trainers.

After each lesson, all trainees meet with their observer for an individual feedback session where the trainer highlights the strengths to build on and recommends how to improve. Trainees can of course schedule an optional feedback session with the course directors and trainers at any time during the course. In addition to the core teacher training, Live TEFL incorporates many valuable extras that we have over the years identified as crucial for the success of our students. 

Course Modules

Language Awareness

This module focuses on how the English language works (grammar, phonology). For native speakers of English this is important as they often didn’t learn this at school because they learnt the language naturally. For non-natives it serves as a refresher of what they learnt at school. The module also looks at how to structure, prepare and teach a grammar lesson.

Teaching Skills

This module focuses on providing effective tools for EFL teachers to help students improve their communicative competence in the following skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. This module concentrates on each of the four skills separately because different methods, principles and approaches should be used to present, reinforce, improve, and practice each skill.


This module introduces the basic terminology related to EFL and focuses on various methods and techniques you can use to teach different types of classes and students. It also looks at different resources and technology you can use in the classroom to make lesson more fun, engaging and interactive.

Lesson Planning

This Module focuses on how to plan effective lessons. You will look at how to structure different types of lessons and all of the things you need to consider during the planning stage to make the lesson as effective as possible. My the end of this module you will be able to set clear and precise objectives and write detailed and concise lesson plans. This will mean you can step into the classroom with confidence knowing you are fully prepared.

Teaching Practice

This is where you get to put everything you’ve learnt in the input sessions into practice. During the course you will teach 7 – 9 lessons with real students of various levels. After the lesson you will get feedback from one of the trainers; helping you to recognise your strengths and weaknesses and come up with clear practical steps to improve.

Teaching Young Learners

The TEFL course focuses mainly on teaching adults. Although a lot of the methodology and techniques can be applied to teaching children additional methodology is needed for this (especially for teaching very young children). Therefore, for anyone interested in teaching children, we offer a 3 day extension course for an additional fee. Live TEFL graduates get a discount on the course fee.

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Extra Sessions

Observations + Feedback

Every lesson taught is followed by an individual feedback session with the trainer who observed the lesson, where strengths, weaknesses and further development tips are discussed.

Survival Czech

To make sure you are able to walk a mile in your students' shoes, we have arranged a couple of sessions for you to start learning Czech (or another language you are not familiar with). 

Job Guidance

You will have a session during the course which will help you prepare for getting a job after the course; whether it be here in Prague or anywhere else in the Czech Republic or the world.


At the beginning of each course we arrange an informative session with representatives of our visa partner agency so you can start the process, have an idea what to expect and a chance to ask.


During the course we can help you find long term accommodation. We can help you with the search, translation and recommend some reliable realtors.

Prague 1-0-1

One of the first sessions is an introduction to Prague with the course coordinator. She will explain how public transport works, how to buy a ticket, where to buy food, recommend places to visit and answer any question.

Evaluation and grading system​

In order to pass the course you must complete all assignments and teaching practice sessions with a satisfactory grade.

90% attendance on the course is also required, which means you can miss up to two days if you are feeling under the weather, for example. If you miss more (with a good reason) we can usually make up the missed time on the next month’s course.

Pass 1Excellent Pass
Grade over 90 %
Pass 2Good Pass
Grade between 80% and 89%
Pass 3Satisfactory
Grade between 60% and 79%


After successfully completing the 4-week TEFL course, you will receive two certificates. The first one is an internationally recognized certificate issued by IATQuO – an organization based in the UK that externally accredits our TEFL course. The second certificate is issued by Live TEFL Prague and is more important for Czech employers as it has your specific grade on it.

Live TEFL Certificate
IATQuO Certificate

Normal TEFL Day

An average TEFL day starts at 9:00 and finishes at 18:00. There are of course breaks in between to get tea, coffee, etc. 

Some days starts a bit later and some days finish earlier. On the days prior to teaching practice, the last afternoon session is always dedicated to preparing the lesson you will teach in the morning. The trainers are present the whole time but it is up to each student to decide that they feel fully prepared for teaching the next morning. To sum up, every day at Live TEFL Prague is different, to give you an idea of what the days look like you can take a look at an example a week’s schedule (pictured on the right).

After the Course

Most of our TEFL graduates are hired to teach English for our language school.

Spěváček is the third biggest language school in the Czech Republic and offers quality in-company courses as well as courses for the public. To outstandingly talented graduates we offer a job at our language school. Pass 1 students get a job offer automatically, with a Pass 2 you will be invited to an informal job interview. 

During the course you will have a job guidance session that will prepare you for what comes after you finish your TEFL course. Whether you plan to pursue your teaching career in the Czech Republic or somewhere else in the world, we are always ready to write recommendations and assist you with the process of getting an English teaching job.


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Petr Pospíšil

Czech Republic

''I learnt so much, not only about how to teach or methodology, but about who I am''

Petr Pospíšil, Czech Republic

Radka Nováková

Czech Republic

''I had had teaching experience, but I learnt a lot and it is worth it''

Radka Nováková, Czech Republic