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Teach in Prague

Prague is the perfect spot to teach English in Europe

Prague is the political, cultural and economic center of the Czech Republic with lots of English teaching opportunities. Czech people are highly motivated to learn English as they often need to have a good level of English to get a better job, to study, to travel and to communicate with their English speaking friends.

The high quality of life in the Czech Republic is attracting people from all over the world. As a result, a solid English teaching community has emerged in Prague in recent years. The welcoming and supportive community makes the adjustment to life in Prague much easier.

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Top Benefits of Living in Prague

Save to fund your travels

Low prices and lots of English teaching opportunities make it possible to save for traveling

Experience a different culture

Teaching English is one of the best ways to experience the life and culture of a country

Enjoy the strategic location

Positioned in the heart of Europe, Prague makes the perfect base for European travel

Make international friends

Prague has a supportive community of English teachers from all over the world

Teaching English in Prague basics

English teachers are usually hired throughout the whole year. The school year begins in September and is divided into two semesters: fall and spring.

The most intensive recruitment of new teachers therefore happens at the beginning of each semester (September/October and January/February). The school year finishes at the end of June. Some courses, especially in-company and individual ones, continue in July and August. However, a lot of people take their vacations in those two months so the amount of courses drops. 

A Teaching certificate is a must when looking for a English teaching job in Prague. Some schools require for you to have at least a bachelor’s degree but a TEFL certificate or teaching experience take precedence over second degree education in most cases. Even though it is not a necessity, having a bachelor/master degree will enhance your chances of getting a job as an English teacher in Prague.

English Teacher’s salary

The salary is based on qualifications, teaching experience, length and type of contract. Almost all schools in Prague calculate your pay based on the number of hours you taught that particular month. A full time English teaching position equals between 18-25 teaching hours per week

Language schools in Prague

New teachers who have just finished their TEFL course earn around 300–350 per 60 minute class. Reputable schools offer salary guarantee for full time teachers to compensate for cancelled lessons

Specialized lessons

Once you become more experienced and specialized, you can earn significantly more, 500 per 60 minute class or even more (examples: Presentations in English, Job Interviews in English, English for Marketing, etc.)

Private students

Private students pay better rates than any school, you can expect to get 350-400 per 60 minute class. On the other hand, private students tend to be less reliable with scheduling and can cancel a lot.


Remember to save some money for the summer.

The number of your courses will decrease in July and August as many people go on vacation.

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Live TEFL graduate teach stories

The demand for English teachers is constantly growing in Prague and our graduates generally find a job within days after finishing their TEFL course. There are tons of language schools in Prague offering different types of courses for various age groups. Some of our graduates also continue traveling and find English teaching jobs in different countries all over the world. Here are a few English teaching stories of Live TEFL Prague graduates.

Getting a job after the course​

Most of our TEFL graduates are hired to teach English for our language school.

Spěváček is the third biggest language school in the Czech Republic and offers quality in-company courses as well as courses for the public. We teach English and a number of other languages. We are also interested in working with professionals in different areas such as: law, HR, finance, marketing, soft skills, accounting, insurance, construction, IT etc. A long-term business background is an asset in specialized language courses.

To outstandingly talented graduates we offer a job at our language school. Pass 1 students get a job offer automatically, with a Pass 2 you will be invited to an informal job interview.

Full-time and part-time positions for qualified teachers of English are now available.

"When I was hired at the end of the course, I was thrilled to start working with the community that I'd gotten so close with."

ESL Tips and Tricks

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are tons of language schools in Prague and the need for English teachers is constant. Our graduates who don’t end up working for our language school usually find a job within days after they complete their TEFL course.

You don’t have to have a university degree although it can give you a great advantage with potential employers.

The Live TEFL course is open for candidates over 18 and does not have any maximum age limit. We have had students on our course who are over 60. Most private language schools teach in companies, and their employees require teachers with real life experience.