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Community and Support

Your job is to study and teach English. We'll do the rest!

We understand the challenge of arranging all the details of your stay while you are not physically present in the country and that is where our team comes in!


We are here to help you get settled in Prague

Accomodation during your TEFL course

Accommodation options are offered by teachers and friends of our language school who rent their flats or rooms to give our students a head start in Prague.  

The accommodation options differ month to month, so if you are interested in booking a short-term place to stay through us, send us a message and we will get back to you with the housing options. After you choose an option that works best for you, in terms of location, price and size, we will put you in contact with the landlord directly to discuss the details of your arrival, house rules, payment etc.

Types of accommodation

Shared room in a shared apartment 650 USD*
Single room in a shared apartment 1300 USD*

A 500 USD security deposit is also required

Accomodation after your TEFL course

If you decide that you would like to stay in Prague after completing your TEFL course, the first thing is to find a long-term place to stay.

During the course we will help you find long term accommodation.  We can help with the search, translations, recommend the best property rental websites and direct you to a tried and tested realtor. We can also go to the viewing with you and go through your contract if needed to make sure you avoid any fraud.

As our TEFL program runs under a language school you will be in touch with Prague English teachers from the beginning. Having access to the English teaching community is very important, not only in terms of social well-being but also in terms of looking for accommodation. Our own teachers are often on the lookout for new roommates or know someone who is and are always happy to help you out as well.

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Visa Assistance

We are here to help you with your visa process

If you are from the USA, Canada or Australia, you can stay, travel and study for three months in the Schengen Zone/ Czech Republic without a visa. If would like to stay in the Czech Republic over 90 days, you will have to apply for a long-term visa.

The first visa you will apply for is a 6-month long-stay visa that everyone wishing to work in the Czech Republic starts with. The visa and related paperwork usually costs about 300 euro, plus you need to make two trips to a Czech embassy abroad (e.g. Berlin or Vienna), first to apply for a visa and then to collect it. This can be used for some sightseeing as well!

It might be a stressful process but we are always here if you need advice or guidance to make it as smooth as possible, If you come prepared and informed about the process you will be able to start the process earlier, which will ensure an easier transition to life in the Czech Republic, by minimizing the hassle that bureaucracy tends to produce.

If you’re not sure whether you need a visa to enter or work in the Czech Republic, drop us an email at contact@liveteflprague.com

"If you’re not from the EU and plan on staying long term in Prague, like myself, begin researching the visa process immediately."

Job Assistance & Job Guarantee

Our TEFL graduates find a job within days after completing their course.

Job assistance

During your course you will have a session that prepares you for the job hunt in Prague. You will be trained in interview skills, helped with your CV, receive guidance on how to look for a job in the specific Czech environment, how to behave during an interview and what type of contract or salary you can expect. You will leave the course with a portfolio of lesson plans created with the help of our TEFL trainers that you’ll be able to present at job interviews.

We also provide contact details of Czech language schools and references for you. Prague is not the only city in the Czech Republic that needs English teachers. If you would prefer to teach outside of Prague, our knowledge of the market and contacts (formed through our membership of the Czech Association of Language Schools) will help you get a job quickly. We can connect you to potential employers in more than 30 Czech towns and cities.

Job guarantee

To graduates who excel we offer a job at our language school. Pass 1 students who wish to stay in Prague and teach for out language school get a full time contract with salary guarantee automatically, with a Pass 2 you will be invited to an informal job interview and still have a good chance of getting a job with our language school. Full-time and part-time positions for qualified teachers of English are now available. Read more about how it works in Amanda’s story below. 


Join our 'live' community and make friends for life

Pub nights and other social activities are of course an inseparable part of the experience.

Live TEFL Prague is a thriving social hub. Trainees and instructors regularly meet socially, to catch a sports game or gig, or simply hang out in one of Prague’s cool and cultural hotspots. Coming to a new city where you don’t know anyone can be a daunting experience, but at LiveTEFL Prague you will always have a friend.

Throughout the course you will get plenty of opportunities  to meet our TEFL graduates and experienced teachers and build up a friend group in Prague. As our course is run by a language school, our TEFL students share premises with teachers of the language school and communicate on a daily basis. Apart from that, we organizing a welcome lunch, regular pub nights, a day trip every month, graduation parties or simple evening get togethers.

Every month we organize a whole-day trip

Every month we organize a one-day trip for our students to interesting places in the Czech Republic such as Karlštejn, Kutná Hora, Prague Zoo, Karlovy Vary, Pilsen brewery or Velká America. It is up to the students to decide where they would like to go. Here are some places we visited last year.

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How to prepare for a TEFL course?

Are you unsure how to prepare for your upcoming journey? Here are some tips:

Arrange accommodation

Once you book a spot on your course, it is time to start looking for a place to stay in Prague. You can drop us an email if you don't know where to start or if you need any assistance

Book your flight

Book your flight in advance to avoid high prices. Once you book your flight, send us the info and we will arrange a pick-up from the airport to take you to your accommodation.

Check the validity of your passport

Before you travel, make sure your passport is valid for the duration of your stay. If you plan on staying in the Czech Republic long-term, check that there are two blank pages in your passport for your visa.

Read about Prague

It is always good to have at least a little idea of what to expect of a new country. You can check our Live in Prague section for info regarding life in Prague. Let us know if you have any questions!

Check if your phone is internationally unlocked

Some phones bought in specialized stores in the U.S. are internationally locked. Before your departure check with your phone provider that you can use your phone outside of the U.S.


Packing for a long journey is always challenging. You can check our seasonal packing essentials here.  Also, don't forget to pack at least two smart outfits for your teaching practice days.

Research the visa process

Even though the visa paperwork is done in the Czech Republic in most cases, there are different requirements for different countries and you should always inquire about the specifics for your country.

Look forward to the course

Accommodation is arranged, flight is booked, pick-up is organized, you are packed, you don't have any more questions regarding visa or Prague life....all there is left to do now is look forward =)

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you bring your birth certificate (in order to open a bank account some banks require 2-3 types of identification) and a university degree if you have any (many potential employers will be interested in seeing it). If you do not want to travel with the original documents, a certified copy is as good as an original.

If you wish, we can help you arrange a place to stay for the duration of the course. The accommodation is provided by friends and teachers of our language school who offer their flats or rooms in their flats to give our students a head start in Prague. The accommodation options thus differ month to month. The accommodation we’ll help arrange is a short-term option. In order to be able to apply for your long-term visa, you need to provide a long-term accommodation contract. During the course we can give you guidance and assistance with finding long-term accommodation.

Throughout the course you will have to complete various assignments which will be evaluated and scored. If your overall score equals or is above 90 % (Pass 1), you will be automatically hired as an English teacher at our language school (if you wish so). If your overall score is lower but we still see a significant improvement and potential, you will have to go through a formal interview but your chances of getting hired are still very high.