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Getting Work Visa for the Czech Republic

EU citizens can study, work and live in the Czech Republic without completing any extra paperwork. If you are from the USA, Canada or Australia, you can stay, travel and study for three months in the Schengen Zone without a visa.

If you want to stay in Prague, the EU or the Schengen Zone for a longer period, let us know BEFORE the course and we will organize the paperwork for you. We will send you a list of the documents we need to get you through the process. Below you will find an more info from our visa agency.

Hello and congratulations on selecting The Czech Republic as your starting place for your wonderful teaching adventure. This country offers a lot to foreigners in regards to employment and entrepreneurship possibilities. As English teachers, the country is ripe with clientele of all ages wishing to learn the English language and the market is very accessible even if your background is not in Education. To begin this process, however, you will need to apply for your Czech working visa. This is where our visa agency comes in. They are a skilled team of Americans and Czechs working together with over two-dozen companies around the world since 2016 and have successfully completed applications for well over 1,000 global individuals coming to Prague/ Czech Republic for a multitude of purposes.

For the trade-license visa application you will be needing several items which will all be vetted by their team and I will list them below.

  • A passport that is valid for at least a year and 3 months that has 2 consecutive blank pages in the booklet.
  • An application that we will fill out for you. All we need is a completed questionnaire that will be provided to you.
  • 2 passport-style photos in color.
  • A notarized proof-of- accommodation paper signed by a Czech property owner giving your permission to live at their property for a least 1-year.
  • A bank account statement (can be from your own country) showing your are in possession of 110,000kc (about 5,000 USD)
  • A criminal affidavit issued by your home country that also has an apostille (certificate of authentication) If you are an American, you can get one here in the Czech republic at the US embassy.
  • The visa application fee for the Czech govt. Which is currently 198 Euros (as of February 2020).
  • A trade License which is issued in Czech Republic at the trade license office. To acquire this we would need the following.
    1. A passport photocopy with a blue-ink signature
    2. Your criminal affidavit
    3. A notarized business address
    4. The Trade License application fee of 1,000 CZK (approx 40 Euros)

Upon submitting all of these documents to a Czech Embassy outside of Czech Republic, the ministry of the interior will review everything and issue the visa accordingly giving you the legal ability to work in Czech Republic. The visa agency will then register you with the health insurance offices as well as all the social/financial offices and provide any guidance needed to successfully acclimate to the new culture and lifestyle that The Czech Republic offers.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We are looking forward to helping you on your adventure into your new country.

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