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Pub tips

It’s a widely known fact that the Czechs make one of the best beer in the world. As with most beer-producing nations, locals love the stuff that’s produced in the local breweries. And with the greatest beer it’s essential to try some delicious food!

Let’s be honest – you didn’t come to the Czech Republic to eat McDonald’s or Italian… You want traditional, tasty Czech cuisine outside of the crowded city center for a reasonable price. But where can you find the real Czech food places?


In Lokál you can enjoy carefully treated beer and freshly prepared homemade food. The staff draught the beer straight from the tanks via the shortest route into your pint glass, where it remains fresh until the last sip. Their cooks prepare classic Czech dishes, using only fresh ingredients and spices sourced from renowned regional suppliers.

Vinohradský pivovar

The only company in the whole district of Prague 2 – Vinohrady (very close to the Live TEFL Prague school!) with its own local beer production. The brewery is a dream come true for a group of friends who have been longing for a delicious lager of their own production and individuality. Try their unfiltered 11°, eat some roastbeef and fall in love with this great local place…


OSSEGG Brewery is a concept of microbreweries with a restaurant that follows the tradition of Osek beer and has been sold in the monastery brewery in Osek since 1241. If you’re looking for a great beer, tasty food and very friendly staff, Ossegg restaurant is a place to be!

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