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Best vegan and vegetarian places

Despite traditional Czech cuisine’s emphasis on meat, vegetarians and vegans visiting or living in Prague won’t go hungry with these fantastic vegetarian restaurants.

Moment Café

There are many really good good vegan restaurants and cafes in Prague and this is one of the best! It is a great space with people who clearly love working there. We rate their food 10/10. Desserts and coffee are also really nice – this is definitely one of the best breakfast and lunch places but also a great place for lesson planning or hanging out with friends!

Veggie Garden

Veggie Garden is located in Prague 2 – Florenc. Everything is freshly made, the place has a nice atmosphere and all food tastes amazing. Lunchtime is usually very busy, however, it’s definitely worth coming! Try their avocado sushi and taste one of their desserts.

Loving Hut

Loving Hut is an international network of vegan restaurants founded by Supreme Master Ching Hai. The main motto of their society is peace, love and harmony among all beings. For many years, Loving Hut restaurants have proven that vegan eating is not just an ethical choice, but a very tasty, healthy, balanced and varied alternative to your daily-bases diet.


Who says that vegan/vegetarian food is only about salads? In Chutnej Bistro you can try all kinds of comfort food (sometimes it’s just necessary!) – onion rings, burgers, pizza, fries. Soooo good! They also have food delivery so you can order any item of their menu whenever and wherever you want!


The Etnosvět restaurant is located just a few steps from I.P.Pavlova, in Prague 2 district (very close to the Live TEFL Prague school!). Every day, their international team brings colorful dishes from all over the world to their customers’ tables. You can also complement the meal with a choice of wines and cocktails (the must-have is their Matcha lemonade!) and in the warm Summer days you can to sit in the courtyard garden.

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