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Live TEFL Prague

A modern course for anyone wishing to become a successful EFL Teacher.

Live TEFL Prague is a family-sized company operating under one of the biggest language schools in the Czech Republic. We drew from our 30 year experience in teaching English when designing a balanced, comprehensive, 4-week intensive course combining a mix of theoretical and practical sessions coupled with an internationally recognized TEFL certificate.

We highly value every individual’s personal journey and development, and therefore provide personalized assistance before, during and after your course to help you relocate, get TEFL trained and find a TEFL job.

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Top Facts About Live TEFL Prague

6 years

Live TEFL was established in 2013 as a daughter company of Spěváček language school.

Over 50 courses

We started with a course a few times a year and grew to having a course every month.

300+ graduates

Since we started, over 300 students from 27 countries have successfully graduated.

Uncountable friendships

Friendships and fun are a crucial  part of Live TEFL that can't be expressed in numbers.

Our Story

The course we designed to run a few times a year but now runs monthly

Live TEFL Prague was founded in 2013 as a part of Spěváček language school. Because we are growing rapidly as a language school, we are constantly looking for new English teachers to cover the growing portfolio of the courses we offer. Unfortunately, we have had mixed experiences employing teachers fresh from TEFL courses. While they usually have a solid knowledge of TEFL theory, their practical skills are often inadequate. Some applicants have even spent their money studying online TEFL courses which don’t incorporate a practical teaching component at all.

So we decided to develop a course addressing this lack of practical skills and really prepare students for the reality of teaching English. By having the opportunity to consult with experienced English teachers, work with real students, and get personalized feedback, our graduates are ready to teach a wide portfolio of courses using modern, interactive and creative English teaching methods.

Moreover, the Job Guidance included in the course ensures our graduates enter the TEFL world with a prepared demo lesson, competitive CV and finely honed interview skills. The opportunity to network with in-service teachers and experience the environment of a real language school gives our students a great advantage on the English teaching market. We back this up with a fully-equipped teacher’s room, with an extensive library.

Spěváček group

Live TEFL is part of the third biggest language school in the Czech Republic

We at SPĚVÁČEK pride ourselves in providing high quality language services — be it in teaching, training, coaching, interpreting, translating or proofreading. A significant part of our operation is focused on teaching English to corporate clients and the general public in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Spěváček language school currently has 320 teachers from a variety of countries, most of them teaching English in Prague. As the demand for English teachers is consistently high, our school employs several new full time and part time English teachers every month. Trainee assessment during the TEFL course is so intense and in depth that we are able to make a job offer to many of the trainees immediately after the course, doing away with the need to attend a formal interview.

The fact that we have a 100% satisfaction rate with all of the teachers hired directly from the TEFL course demonstrates that the Live TEFL course is probably the longest and most effective job interview ever.

Internationally Accredited

Certificates for our graduates are recognized worldwide

To give our students the opportunity to travel the world and teach English wherever they choose, we are internationally accredited.

Live TEFL Prague is externally validated and moderated by International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations (IATQuO). Annual inspections evaluate if our course meets quality standards in five key areas – course content and balance, observed teaching practice, qualification and experience of tutorial staff, premises and resources, and course length.

The certificates for all trainees successfully completing the Live TEFL Prague programme are issued by IATQuO, which means that your certificate is recognised worldwide. As most reputable EFL schools now insist that new teachers are qualified with an accredited (externally validated) TEFL/TESOL certificate, you will find that our internationally accredited certificate comes in handy.

Our Team

We at Live TEFL are ready to make your TEFL journey worth it


Our key trainers (Martin, Tasci, Gwyneth, Tereza and Kristof) combine more than 50 years of teaching experience among them. They come from different walks of life and different countries (US, UK, Belgium, the Czech Republic), and have taught all around the world. Through practical workshops, real life examples, various teaching methods and helpful feedback they will prepare you thoroughly for your English teaching career.

Support team

Our support team includes Anežka, Martin S., Veronika and Lida, who are all ready to make your TEFL journey as enjoyable and smooth as possible. We arrange the details of your stay, help with long-term accommodation, introduce you to Prague, assist with your visa process, answer any question regarding the program or the life in Prague you may have or simply just be there if you need to talk.

TEFL course right in the heart of historical Prague

One of the many advantages of Live TEFL Prague is the fact that we are located in the very heart of Prague on a beautiful historical square, easily accessed by public transport. Our location allows you to fully enjoy what Prague the capital has to offer; cosy cafes, diverse food options, never ending evening entertainment in a historical area covered by cobble-stoned streets, medieval churches and architecturally fascinating buildings.

Not a Reseller!

Live TEFL is an actual TEFL course provider in Prague, not a TEFL reseller or agency. Apply directly via our website and save money!

Graduate Interviews

We asked three of our graduates to reflect on their TEFL journey, about the ups and downs, anything they were not prepared for and if there is something they would recommend to future students.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are tons of language schools in Prague and the need for English teachers is constant. Our graduates who don’t end up working for our language school usually find a job within days after they complete their TEFL course.

You don’t have to have a university degree although it can give you a great advantage with potential employers.

The Live TEFL course is open for candidates over 18 and does not have any maximum age limit. We have had students on our course who are over 60. Most private language schools teach in companies, and their employees require teachers with real life experience.