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Teaching English in the Czech Republic (outside Prague)

Teaching English in the Czech Republic is a great experience. While Prague is by far the most popular destination, teaching outside of Prague can be extremely rewarding.

Czech Association of Language Schools

Are you interested in teaching English in a particular Czech town? Let us know and we will contact local language schools and give you instant feedback about possible TEFL job opportunities anywhere in the Czech Republic.

As a member of AJS CR – the only one association of language schools in the Czech Republic – we have direct contact with owners and senior executives of more than 50 schools based in all the major Czech cities. Many of the regional schools are also our subcontractors.

Popular Destinations for Teaching English here in the Czech Republic

Do you like the idea of working outside of Prague? Read more about next three largest Czech cities. Of course we have strong partnerships with local schools in these cities and TEFL teachers are always wanted. Your chance to get English teaching job within days or weeks is virtually guaranteed.

The three biggest cities after Prague are Ostrava, Brno and Pilsen (yes, the home of Pilsener beer). Compared to Prague, all of these cities offer a lower cost of living, slower pace of life and a far less competitive TEFL jobs market. On the other hand, working in a smaller town will reward you with deep insights into Czech culture and you will learn much more Czech. There are very few native English speakers outside of the major cities, so you will be a rare commodity. The whole country is linked by an efficient and relatively inexpensive train and bus system, making it very easy, and fast, to get to where you want to go. Also, you will probably be able to get a higher pay rate for teaching. Accommodation is much, much cheaper than in Prague too.


Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. The Huffington Post describes Brno as: “Located in the province of Moravia, Brno is kind of the anti-Prague. Here, wine is the drink of choice, there are way fewer crowds and cultural activity abounds.” In summary: Brno is a lovely city with rich history, a beautiful city centre. And as a part of Moravian wine region, there is no better place to taste Czech wine.

Brno is also a student city with vibrant night life. A lot of cultural events (see Goout.cz or Brno.me) take place in Brno every year. And for motor enthusiasts there is a race track, where one of the motorcycle races of the Moto GP tour is held. The location of Brno is great - close to Vienna and Bratislava, not far from Prague and Budapest.


Ostrava is the Czech Republic’ third largest city. It is an industrial city, traditionally known for mining and iron works. The city started it life as a few villages, which connected over time. Ostrava doesn't have a “real” city centre, like Prague or Brno, but every quarter has its own story, architectural style and atmosphere - for example Poruba, Vítkovice, …

Don't be afraid of the industrial look of the city - Ostrava is no longer a purely heavy industry city. Most of the coal mines have closed and the city has moved. The old smelter area has been converted into a cultural zone (see Gong – a multipurpose arena created from an old gas container). Every year Ostrava hosts one of the best musical festivals in the Czech Republic - Colours of Ostrava. The city is also an Eden for sport fans - football (soccer), ice hockey (this year Ostrava is co-hosting the ice hockey world championship with Prague) and Zlatá tretra - Usain Bolt’s favorite athletic championship. The public transport is in excellent shape and you can get to Prague in three hours by train, for a low price thanks to competition. And our last words – so you think that Prague is cheap? You haven’t been to Ostrava yet :)

Plzeň (Pilsen)

Next on the list of cities by size is Plzeň (Pilsen), the fourth biggest city in the Czech Republic. It is situated on the junction of four rivers, has a lovely historical centre surrounded by parks, and the tallest church tower in central Europe. You've probably heard of Plzeň but didn't realize it! It is the home of the world's greatest beer - Pilsner Urquell. And the city is full of local breweries.

Plzeň is also the European Capital of Culture for the year 2015. Various events have been planned, the New Theatre has been opened, the amphitheatre has been renovated, … and for football (soccer) fans – Viktoria Plzeň played in the Champions League last season!

Plzeň is located just 100 km west of Prague and is an important crossroad between Prague and Germany (for example Munich or Nuremberg).

Regional Centres

We also recommend teaching in any of the regional centres that have their own universities. Try the unique atmosphere of Olomouc, České Budějovice or Opava.

Taxes in the Czech Republic

Your taxes will depend on your contract. 

If you are working part time on a “dohoda o provedeni prace” contract, 15% income tax will be deducted at source and you will be paid your net salary. However, this is limited to 300 hours a year and up to CZK 10,000/month (about 35 teaching hours/month). However, you can sign this type of contract with each legal entity you work for and you can legally work for more than one entity.

If you are working for more hours with one institution, you will need to organize your “Zivno”  A “Zivno” (the license & number you receive when you register for the “Zivnostensky List”) is a trade license which allows you to work as an independent contractor here in the Czech Republic. You have to pay your own health and social insurance, which is about CZK 3800 a month. The good thing is that under the current tax regulations you do not pay any income tax!


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Enjoy photos of Prague, one of the oldest and most beautiful European cities.

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Prague in winter

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