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Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English abroad is one of the easiest ways to experience the life and culture of a foreign country.

But getting a job isn’t always easy and that’s where we can help. Our goal is to get you a job and we provide job guidance services to our students. We can also put you in touch with our partner language schools in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Live TEFL, an internationally-accredited TEFL/TESOL qualification offered in Prague, will open the world to you.

Top Ten Benefits

Teaching English abroad allows you to develop important cross-cultural skills and awareness, and enhances your personal growth. Here are the ten reasons that we at Live TEFL Prague consider the top reasons for teaching English abroad.

Teach English in Prague

Prague is a city packed full of opportunities to teach English.

When you successfully complete your TEFL training with Live TEFL Prague, you will have the chance to take advantage of our job guarantee. As soon as you finish studying you can start teaching. We will help you with your visa and trade licence applications; and finding accommodation. For full details, visit Teach English in Prague.

Teach English in Czech Republic

Prague is not the only city in the Czech Republic that needs English teachers. If you would prefer to teach in a beautiful regional centre, away from the main tourist hub, our knowledge of the market and extensive contacts, formed through our membership of the Czech Association of Language Schools, will help you get a job quickly. We can connect you to potential employers in more than 30 of the Czech Republic’s towns and cities. For more details about popular destinations and regional centres visit Teaching English in the Czech Republic (outside Prague).

Teach English in Europe

Europe is home to diverse cultures and landscapes and offers much to the TEFL teacher, whether in Western, Central or Eastern Europe. Whether you want to live in a cosmopolitan major city, or experience the rural delights of a small town, we can help connect you. We have graduates already teaching in different European countries and we can connect you with them, and with schools that are looking for qualified TEFL teachers. If you want to know more visit Teaching English in Europe.

Teach English in the Middle East

The Middle East is renowned for offering some of the highest salaries for TEFL teachers, and demand for TEFL teachers is high. The most popular country is probably the UAE, but for those seeking a more authentic Arabic experience, Saudi Arabia is a good option. We have colleagues and graduates teaching in the Middle East and we can connect you with them, and with schools that are looking for qualified TEFL teachers. For more details about the different opportunities visit Teaching English in the Middle East.

Teach English in Asia

Asia is a popular destination for TEFL teachers who want to teach English abroad. Teaching in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan or any other Asian nation provides an opportunity to experience diverse cultures and see new places, while also earning money to fund your future adventures. Many of our past graduates are already teaching in Asia and we can connect you with them, and with schools that are looking for qualified TEFL teachers. Visit Teaching English in Asia to find out more.



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