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Recommended Bibliography for your TEFL Course

The key coursebook: Jim Scrivener: 2013 Learning Teaching, Macmillan, Third edition

Additional recommended bibliography accessible for trainees:

  • Jeremy Harmer: 2007 The Practice of English Language Teaching, Fourth edition, Pearson
  • Craig Thaine: 2010 Teacher Training Essentials, Cambridge University Press
  • Jeremy Harmer: 2012 Essential Teacher Knowledge, Pearson
  • Roger Gower, Diane Philips, Steve Walters: 2005 Teaching Practice Handbook, Macmillan
  • Pete Sharma, Barney Barret: 2007 Blended Learning, Macmillan
  • Mick Randall, Barbara Thornton: Advising and Supporting Teachers, Cambridge University Press
  • Aisha Walker, Goodith White: 2013 Technology Enhanced Language Learning, Oxford University Press
  • David Seymour, Maria Popova: 2005, 700 Classroom Activities, Macmillan
  • Raymond Murphy: English Grammar in Use, Cambridge University Press, Third edition
  • Mario Rinvolucri: 1998 Grammar Games, Cambridge University Press
  • Peter Watkins, Scott Thornbury: The CELTA Course, Trainee Book
  • Gower, R., Phillips, D., Walters, S. 1995 Teaching Practice Handbook, Macmillan Heinemann
  • Strakova, Z., Cimmermanova, I. 2005 Teaching and Learning English Language. Presov: FHPV PU

Online resources:

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