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TOP TEN Common Mistakes of (New) TEFL Teachers

Avoid them and be loved by your students and get a better salary!

I have been dealing with these mistakes for almost twenty years. In the first couple of years they were mine, as my MA TESOL course had not been as practical as I had hoped. Then I saw my colleagues make them. For the last ten years I have been in a position where I have to explain them again and again to teachers fresh from TEFL courses. And quite often to experienced teachers who fall into the trap of following the same old routine year after year.

We have even set up our own initial training programme for English teachers, called Live TEFL Prague, in the hope that we can help new teachers avoid these pitfalls.

I decided to write down the mistakes in a desperate attempt to be heard, or read, and maybe be relieved of giving at least some of the repetitive feedback.

In this series you will find my comments on some of the most common mistakes. Feel free to share these comments with relevant people. Together we can make life easier for our teaching colleagues and their students.

Teaching Sins:

#1 Neglecting textbooks
#2 Limited time for practising the language learnt
#3 No long term planning
#4 Taking goals for granted
#5 Limited error correction
#6 Neglecting homework and self study
#7 Not being confident
#8 Complicated explanations and instructions
#9 Avoiding Academic Managers
#10 Being too friendly with the students



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