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Modern English Teaching Methods

Explore Modern English Teaching Methods and Cutting Edge Technology!

At SPĚVÁČEK we pride ourselves on being a modern language school. We use iPads, Apple TVs, Android smartphones, widescreens, web apps, e-learning software, Skype and other cutting edge technologies to stay ahead of the language teaching game. At Live TEFL we will share our know-how with you so you too can create cutting edge lessons and added value for your students.

Historically, the only technology teachers needed was a blackboard and a piece of chalk. The teaching method was to read and translate. Read and translate. And … yes, read and translate some more. Then whiteboards and markers came along. Followed quickly by audio and video tapes in language labs. Ten years ago, CD-ROM was king.

tefl teaching methods

Today’s teaching reality is different. Modern teachers use the latest technology and corresponding methodologies which save them hours of prep time, motivate students to engage more in the learning process and lead to better students’ results. Live TEFL makes sure you know how to take advantage of technology to stay ahead of the curve.

You will learn to use Hardware (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Projectors and LCD screens) and Software (Google and Apple and Microsoft apps, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Edmodo) to:

  • Analyze your students’ skills
  • Answer tricky grammar questions
  • Enhance your students’ listening skills using authentic samples
  • Explain and test vocabulary
  • Measure your students’ progress
  • Keep complete records of classroom activities
  • Manage and adjust your schedule
  • and more..


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