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Why Learn to Teach English with Live TEFL

Live TEFL is the perfect way to gain the skills you need to become an ESL/EFL teacher. In just four weeks of intensive study in beautiful Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, you will learn all you need to know to teach English.

Experience a new country, a new city, and gain valuable employment skills that will open doors and windows to international travel and work with Live TEFL.

Michael Manjarezz

“I very much appreciated the fact that I was treated not as student but as a trainee. What I mean by this is that I got the impression that the instructors were not simply giving us lessons but that they were really preparing us to be a part of something and to join a community of educators.”

Michael Manjarezz, USA – TEFL Teacher, Live TEFL Graduate

Why Live TEFL Gives You a Headstart

You will:

Earn an internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL certificate when you pass the course

Your Live TEFL certificate guarantees you international recognition. Your certificate is issued by International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations (IATQuO), which validates and moderates the courses.

Discover everything you need to know to start teaching English in just four weeks

LiveTEFL Prague’s four-week course includes a mix of theoretical and practical sessions, and comprehensive course materials. You will also discover our extensive resource collection, which complements your course sessions and materials. The practical sessions will ensure that you are prepared for your first classes as a qualified professional.

Receive personalized attention in our small groups – maximum of 9 trainees per class

Our high teacher-to-student ratio means that, throughout the course, you will receive regular, personalized feedback from our trainers, and ongoing support with assignments and class preparation. 

Be based in the centre of Prague, the nation’s capital, close to services and students

Our premises are centrally located and easy to reach using Prague’s excellent public transport network (metro, trams and buses). Nearby you will find hip cafes and bars, shopping facilities, and Prague’s cultural and historical centre. We also include a tour of Prague to make sure you see the principal sights, to help you decide whether Prague is the city for you.

Get all the help you need to get your visa, business licence and insurance

Working in a new country can be daunting—it’s often difficult to know what paperwork you need to do to work legally. Our experts help you through the process, easing the way and giving you peace of mind that you have all completed all the necessary actions to live and work legally in the Czech Republic. 

Be taught by friendly and experienced specialist trainers

Our team of trainers is packed with TEFL specialists who teach English themselves, and are experts at teaching new TEFL trainers. They understand the challenges new teachers face. You will have time to get to know them, both in and out of classes, and they will support you all the way through your teaching career. 

Automatically be offered a full-time contract, with salary guarantee, when you pass

Successful LiveTEFL students are automatically offered a six-month, full time contract with salary guarantee. You will be able to start teaching straight after your course and gain valuable classroom experience.

Teach real students, ensuring you are well-prepared for your first classes as a TEFL teacher

Teaching practice is an essential part of your course and during the course you will plan and deliver lessons to real students at our partner language school, Spevacek. To do this you will, of course, have the support of our TEFL trainers, and you will be given personalised feedback to help you develop your teaching skills. 

Join the team at a real language school, not just be studying at a TEFL training centre

Many TEFL courses are run by TEFL training centres, rather than by language schools. Studying at LiveTEFL Prague lets you see a language school in operation. As well as interacting with your trainers, you will have the chance to meet many of the Spevacek teachers. You can chat to them in our teachers’ resource centre and ask for their advice and help. You can discuss the joys and challenges of teaching English generally, and teaching English in Prague. They will help you find your way around Prague and to build a life for yourself in a new city.

Be given expert job guidance so that you can start teaching English in Prague ASAP

Our expert staff will make sure that, if you decide to work elsewhere, you will be well-prepared to present yourself as a TEFL teacher to prospective employers. They will give you feedback on your CV, guidance on how to write a cover letter, and help preparing demonstration lessons. You will also create a professional video resume, which will ensure you stand out from the crowd when you’re applying for jobs. You will also be given introductions to our partner schools in the Czech Republic and beyond. 


Richard Bull

“The location and premises were surprisingly good, I felt pretty good coming into work each day. Sounds trivial but it makes a difference.”

Richard Bull, New Zealand – TEFL Teacher, Live TEFL Graduate

Get into teaching English with Live TEFL!


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