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Teacher Training Experience

Our Live TEFL trainers work in two capacities – they both lead Live TEFL training sessions and teaching practice, and they work as either academic managers, teacher trainers, mentors, senior teachers or teachers of VIP students at SPEVACEK Languages, our mother company.

SPEVACEK Languages is a group of schools currently operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. SPEVACEK is expanding fast; we currently have about 300 teachers. We employ a complex teacher training programme to ensure high quality teaching. This teacher training scheme includes activities such as: assigning mentors to new teachers, offering teacher training sessions, holding regular consultations with senior teachers, and conducting observations and yearly performance reviews. We have been training our teachers since 1992 and share the knowledge we have gained with the teachers-to-be on our Live TEFL courses.

Radka Nováková

“The Live TEFL is one of the best ways to become a REAL teacher. Spevacek educates teachers who can possibly become members of its own team, so that their motivation is the best and brightest one. Good teachers mean good repu- tation for the school. Trainees, you can be sure you are getting the best care!”

Radka Nováková, Czech Republic – TEFL Teacher, Live TEFL Graduate


We believe that there is no one “best method”. We train our teachers to adapt their method, techniques and choice of activities to the students’ needs and learning styles. What works well with one class might not work with other students. At Live TEFL we demonstrate different teaching methods and approaches, then encourage the trainees to practice a range of techniques and design many types of activities. We train them to conduct an in-depth needs analysis which includes identifying the students’ learning styles and motivation, and we train them to choose the appropriate method, techniques and activities for each class. We see language as a set of functions our students have to perform, so we train our teachers and Live TEFL trainees to become language coaches who can show their students possible ways to accomplish what they need by means of a foreign language.


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