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Live TEFL Prague is a modern, new course and qualification for everyone wishing to become a successful Teacher of English as a Foreign Language.

Live TEFL is run by SPĚVÁČEK Group. We at SPĚVÁČEK pride ourselves in providing high quality language services—be it in teaching, training, coaching, interpreting, translating or proofreading. A significant part of our operation is focused on teaching English to corporate clients and the general public in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Jessica Williams

“I have to say I was really impressed with the course overall. I didn't know what to expect when I came here. Live TEFL great staff, instructors, facilities, and location.”

Jessica Williams, USA – TEFL Teacher, Live TEFL Graduate

Because we are growing rapidly, we constantly advertise Teaching English jobs. Unfortunately, we have had mixed experiences employing teachers fresh from TEFL courses. While they usually have a solid knowledge of TEFL theory, their practical skills are often inadequate. Some applicants have even spent their money studying online TEFL courses which don’t incorporate a practical teaching component. Finding a decent job can then be quite difficult as most employers require a CELTA standard qualification (a minimum 100 hour course plus 6 hours of teaching practice).

So we decided to develop a course addressing this lack of practical skills.Our graduates are ready to successfully teach a wide portfolio of courses and use modern English teaching methods, including ICT. Moreover, Live TEFL Job Guidance ensures our graduates enter the TEFL world with a ready-to-use video resume, a prepared demo lesson and finely honed interview skills. As one of the largest private language training groups in the Czech Republic we offer real students for you to work with, teacher trainers with current teaching experience, and the chance to networking with real teachers on the job. We back this up with a fully-equipped staffroom, incorporating an extensive materials library.

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