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Getting to Prague

Most of our students arrive at Prague by air. Prague's only international airport is Vaclav Havel Airport Prague (formerly Ruzyně Airport), located on the outskirts, but with a very straightforward connection to the city center where our classrooms are located.

As a part of the services included in the Live TEFL package, we will pick you up in person at the airport, if you so wish. Alternatively, we'll provide you with all the information you need to reach our facilities.

Municipal Public Transport

Prague has a fantastic public transport network. Metro, tram, bus, and commuter railway lines are well-integrated: individual connections are scheduled with the needs of transfer passengers in mind, and stops are served timely and regularly. A number of lines are in operation throughout the night. All means of transport, including the subway trains and stations – Prague's world-famous metro – are clean and safe.

The integrated public transport system in Prague offers a fast and affordable way of travelling across the capital. A monthly pass covers all lines and all forms of transport, and costs only EUR 26! We will be happy to assist you in purchasing one.


“The public transportation is very affordable and is well connected all over the city.”

Bethany Scharnowske, 32 - USA


Public transport and Live TEFL Prague

Our Live TEFL Prague classrooms are centrally located near the A line metro station Náměstí Míru. The historical city center is close by (and so are the main hubs of the public transport system).

Most of our students and teachers alike make use of the affordable public transport network. With a monthly pass, they have unlimited access to all means of transportation, including municipal commuter trains within the greater Prague area, ferry boats, and the funicular up Petřín hill.

Of course, we will gladly assist you in figuring out routes, connections, and timetables. We will also point you to a smartphone application which you can download to have the entire municipal transport system at your fingertips.

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Transportation - The integrated public transport system in Prague offers a fast and affordable way of travelling across the capital.

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Compared to other large European cities, the cab fare in Prague is still rather low, with most providers charging EUR 1 per kilometer. Even so, using public transport is significantly cheaper.

However, during the small hours especially, taking a cab may make sense: nightly street traffic is sparse and your taxi driver will therefore get you to your destination within a very short period of time.

Many cabs cruise the streets of Prague, and you can easily spot the vacant ones by the illuminated rooftop "TAXI" sign. However, it is always cheaper to call or text one of the established taxi companies.

At the Live TEFL office, we'll always help you order a decent cab at a low price; we'll also provide you with the phone numbers of recommended taxi services.

Travelling at night

After midnight, most connections, including the Prague metro system, suspend operations until the morning. However, a number of night trams and night buses continue to run to serve your travelling needs during the small hours. All night lines are interconnected at a central downtown hub. Travelling on night trams and buses is completely safe!

A good transportation alternative at night is to make use of the services of one of the countless cabs across town.


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