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Prague is a Green City

Prague is also the ideal place if you are looking for peace and relaxation. Even within the city center, you'll find a number of urban parks, quiet zones, and romantic nooks and crannies. A bit further out, but still within the city limits, are spacious forest parks – the perfect destination for pleasant walks or outdoor sports.

Some parks are popular gathering places where people meet to sit in the sun, have a chat with friends, and sip a beer. Speaking of which, many parks feature large garden restaurants. One of them is in the immediate vicinity of our school – Riegrovy sady.

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Prague is also the ideal place if you are looking for peace and relaxation.

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Sports at Live TEFL

Throughout your TEFL course, we will keep you abreast of all important cultural and sports events in Prague with regular updates. Our TEFL teachers and their students frequently attend such events, which is why we are able to arrange for group tickets at reduced rates where available.

Of course, we will gladly assist you in making a reservation at tennis and squash courts, playing grounds, etc., signing up for membership at a gym, or gaining access to sporting facilities.

Tennis, soccer, hockey, and other ball games

Ball games have a venerable tradition in the Czech Republic. Tennis, soccer, hockey, floorball, volleyball, and other ball sports all have a broad base of active followers. Prague has numerous sporting facilities, and public schools also rent out their playing fields. There are both indoor and outdoor facilities to choose from, which is why most places are open for business all year round!

Gyms and climbing centers

Within the immediate vicinity of our Live TEFL classrooms you'll find several gyms that offer special rates to our students, as a part of their partnership with our school. A visit to these gyms costs EUR 4.

Rock-climbing as an active pastime has seen sustained growth in the Czech Republic, which is why you'll find numerous indoor climbing centers – boulder bars – in Prague. A visit to a boulder bar comes out to about EUR 4.

The greater Prague area features a number of popular rock-climbing spots.

Outdoor sports

The most popular outdoor sports in Prague are cycling and hiking, ball games, inline skating, longboarding and streetboarding, jogging and running.

If you don't have your own equipment, simply borrow from one of the rental places which have set up shop at all larger parks. Prices range from EUR 2 to 3 per hour.

The rental fees of sporting facilities are for the most part very attractive: an hour on the squash or tennis court or at the bowling alley will cost EUR 6 – 12.

Cycling and hiking

Cycling and hiking are clearly among the most popular sports. A dense network of hiking and cycling trails crisscrosses the Czech Republic. Route labels and signposts are among the most well-kempt, accurate, and helpful in Europe!

Of course, cycling and hiking are also very popular within the city limits of Prague. Numerous cycling routes lead across Prague, connecting various Prague parks and often leading along the scenic banks of the river Vltava which intersects the city in the south-north direction.

Being a keen cyclist or hiker will provide you with yet another way of getting to know the beauty of Czech nature and history from up close. Outside of winter, the forests and meadows of Bohemia are a lush paradise of green! The landscape is marked by hundreds of medieval castles, baroque chateaus, and centennial trees.


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