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Security and Healthcare

Prague is safe

As in any large city around the world, so in Prague, too, you will encounter pickpockets. Those aside, Prague is a very safe city. It is completely commonplace for women to travel about and explore the streets of Prague all by themselves, even late at night.

As elsewhere in Europe, first rescue and response services have been integrated into a unified system, so that first aid (including police and firefighters) can be summoned by calling a common emergency phone number: 112.

Health insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic is inexpensive and covers the complete range of healthcare expenses, including dental procedures. Czech healthcare is of very high quality and fully reflects European standards. We will gladly assist you in choosing an insurer and sorting out the paperwork associated with taking out health insurance.

We are at your beck and call

For your personal safety, you'll avail of our Live TEFL hotline, which you may call at any time to ask us for advice and assistance.

Travelling at night

After midnight, most connections, including the Prague metro system, suspend operations until the morning. However, a number of night trams and night buses continue to run to serve your travelling needs during the small hours. All night lines are interconnected at a central downtown hub. Travelling on night trams and buses is completely safe!

A good transportation alternative at night is to make use of the services of one of the countless cabs across town.


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