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Night life

Prague is a city that never sleeps, especially in the center with its vibrant nightlife. Restaurants, taverns, bars, and pubs are open seven days a week, and most of them won't close before midnight.

Prague is home to around one hundred music clubs that play recorded and live music. There is a venue for every style and every preference. Clubs open around 8 p.m., but the action really starts between 10 and midnight, when most guests arrive. At most establishments, the fun lasts until after 3 a.m.

The schedule of cultural events is available at least one month ahead of time. Let us know if you'd appreciate a couple of tips that help you choose those clubs which play your kind of music. You may expect us to give you a heads-up for the most important events.

The best-known dance music club in Prague is Karlovy Lázně, which features four differently styled stages on four spacious floors.

Jazz is very popular in Prague. Several jazz clubs are open every day and frequently host concerts of live jazz music.

Also among the popular hangouts is the Lucerna club, which plays music from the eighties and nineties.

Prague is a safe place, and you should encounter no problems moving about at night, whether in the city center or on the outskirts.

Night life

“The cultural events and nightlife was nothing like I had ever experienced growing up in America; it is literally a city that never stands still or sleeps.”

Bethany Scharnowske, 32 – USA


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