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Low Cost of Living

Compared to other European metropolises, the cost of living in Prague is relatively low.


Compared to other major European cities, apartment rentals in Prague are cheap, with an abundance of various types of accommodation on offer. Find out more by visiting our sub-section on Accommodation.

Food and Drinks

Eating out in Prague restaurants is an extremely affordable pleasure. For a two-course lunch menu, you will usually pay no more than EUR 5. At the same time, the local restaurant and catering industry delivers consistent high quality.

Find out more by visiting our sub-section on Food and Drinks.


The price of services in Prague is low. A barber will charge you around EUR 8 for a haircut, for instance. Having a piece of clothing dry-cleaned costs EUR 4 – 8. Half an hour of massage will set you back EUR  10 – 15.


Using public transport is the most convenient and cheapest way to get around in Prague. A monthly travel pass for the entire network, including commuter railways, costs EUR 26. Cabs usually charge one euro per kilometer.

Trains and buses across the Czech Republic are also cheap. A return ticket for the bus that takes you from Prague to Český Krumlov and back (2x200km) will cost you EUR 16.

For more information on public transport in Prague, hop over to the sub-section on Transportation.

For more information about travelling, please visit the sub-section on Travelling across the Czech Republic.

Sports and cultural events

Throughout the year, Prague is the venue of countless cultural and sports events. Given the low ticket prices, there is no reason for you to miss out on the fun! Again, you will find the prices to be noticeably below the European average. A ticket to a hockey or soccer match will cost you up to EUR 10. A ticket to the cinema is about EUR 7. A theater performance is EUR 8 to 16, and prices are similar for concerts by Czech bands.

The rental fees of sporting facilities are for the most part very attractive: an hour on the squash or tennis court or at the bowling alley will cost EUR 6 – 12.

Depth comparison

For an in-depth comparison of prices between Prague and other major European cities, we recommend www.numbeo.com.


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