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A historical city center with a style very much of its own, and unique architecture at every turn.

Since time immemorial, Prague has been an important crossroads of civilizations. For more than 1000 years, it is here that East meets West, at a hub and melting point of numerous European peoples, their languages, their cultures, and their architectural styles.

There are countless spots in Prague which you ought to see. But there is also a subset of them which you simply, truly must see!

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Prague - see photos of Prague, one of the oldest and most beautiful European cities.

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The historical city of Prague is unique not least because it sustained almost no damage during World War II. For this reason, its historical monuments are "the real deal" – true testimony of the distant past – unlike the situation in many other European cities.

The particular allure of Prague is owed not only to its treasure trove of unique architecture, but also to the peculiarities of its geography: the river Vltava which intersects historical Prague in the south-north direction forms a natural landmark; several hills arise on both sides of the river and lend a particularly breathtaking backdrop to medieval Prague Castle, the Petřín lookout tower, and many other monuments.

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Your Sightseeing Tour

After your arrival at Prague, we'll do our best to help you find your bearings around town. Not only will we provide you with all necessary information about Prague, but a guided tour of Prague and its most important sights and monuments is included in the price for the TEFL course package.

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Guided tour through Prague - most important sights and monuments

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