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What sort of support can I expect? Do you have a dedicated person to help me?

Our coordinator Anna gets in touch with you as soon as you are accepted to the programme. Anna is the good soul of Live TEFL. She contacts new students upon acceptance to the course and makes sure you can focus on your studies. Anna organizes student’s accommodation, airport pick up and Prague travel pass. You will also appreciate her help with setting up a bank account and prepaid card for your phone. Anna is quite good at negotiating with your landlord-to-be if you decide to stay in Prague and need post-course accommodation. Any question or problem, Anna is here to help.

Visa Support

We provide visa support to all students accepted to Live TEFL Prague programme. Students from EU countries (see the list here) do not need any visa to travel, study and work in the Czech Republic. Citizens of USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and some other countries listed here can travel and study in the Schengen area including the Czech Republic for 180 days without a visa. The course takes 30 days, so there is no problem fitting into the official period. If you want to work in the Czech Republic after the course, we will arrange a long term working visa for you. This requires two trips to a neighbouring country (Slovakia or Austria – 330 or 250 km from Prague) to apply for and collect the visa.
Citizens of other countries have to apply for a visa from their country of origin. We are happy to help with the application and the letter of invitation upon acceptance to the programme and the booking fee payment.

Being a U.S citizen I am curious as to how extensive and costly the Visa process is, and if the Zivno Business Visa is the most common for non EU citizens?

Visa process incl. Zivno Business visa, Zivno Licence, translations and services of an agency costs about EUR 680 plus two trips to an embassy abroad (Vienna or Berlin or Bratislava, ...) Zivno Business visa is by far the most popular type of visa and 98% of private language schools do not hire teachers with other types of visa. The process usually takes about two months. We have a trustworthy agency helping our students get their visa for a discounted price. They have an excellent track record. All our students who applied for the visa got it.

Living costs in Prague – basic overview

Accommodation for one month in a shared apartment – about EUR 300/month
Accommodation in your own flat (long term lease) – from EUR 400/month (owners usually require an extra monthly rent as a safety deposit)
Travel costs in Prague – EUR 20 for a monthly ticket
Food – a restaurant meal is usually about EUR 4/meal. We recommend you set aside EUR 420 for food/month. Of course, you can save a lot here by cooking your own food and not eating out every day.
You can check Prague prices here http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/city_result.jsp?country=Czech+Republic&city=Prague


Course Specification

I would like to receive more information about Live TEFL in Prague.

Live TEFL Prague is a modern, new course and qualification for everyone wishing to become a successful Teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Live TEFL is run by SPĚVÁČEK Group. We at SPĚVÁČEK pride ourselves in providing high quality language services — be it in teaching, training, coaching, interpreting, translating or proofreading. A significant part of our operation is focused on teaching English to corporate clients and the general public in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Live TEFL Prague students:

  • Master teaching techniques for a wide portfolio of courses.
  • Learn to use modern technology effectively to advance their teaching.
  • Experience 8 to 10 hours of live teaching, with real students.
  • Build their job search skills so they can find TEFL work internationally.
  • Network with almost 300 experienced teachers of our schools.
  • Qualify for a Job guarantee (Pass 1 graduates).

The course is quite intense, the schedule is 8:30-6:00 Monday to Friday for 4 weeks plus a trip, welcome lunch and pub nights. You can see photos from the programme on our facebook page www.facebook.com/LiveTEFL

The price is EUR 1200, with a discount for bringing a friend/partner, for expats and for early bookings. This is what you get for the money:

  • Job Guarantee (Pass 1 graduates)
  • Job Guidance
  • Video Resume
  • All Course Books and Materials
  • Networking Events
  • Pick up at the Airport or Bus/Train Station
  • Use of School Premises
  • Visa, Work Permit, Business License and Housing Guidance
  • Help Line (24/7 for urgencies)
  • Trip to Karlštejn Castle
  • Guided tour through Prague/trip to Karlstejn

The details can be found here www.liveteflprague.com/course-specification/

Dates can be found here http://www.liveteflprague.com/course-specification/dates-and-prices/

To become a TEFL graduate, are there standardized tests to pass?

To be eligible for the course certificate trainees must successfully complete the following assignments:

  • Written assignments
  • Workshop attendance and participation
  • Lesson planning
  • Teaching practice
  • Observations
  • Written tests
  • Course portfolio

Final grades are made up of the combined results from each component of the assessment.

I do not have a degree, is it a problem?

No. Applicants without a university degree must prove their academic competence during an interview to achieve a high standard of study.
The interview also serves for checking the academic competencies of applicants - so if you do not have a degree, you can still be eligible. We will find out at the interview.

Where can I apply?

Please apply here http://www.liveteflprague.com/apply-now/

I was wondering which organisation accredits the course.

Live TEFL Prague is externally validated and moderated by International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations (IATQuO). Annual inspections evaluate the course against quality standards in five key areas - course content and balance, observed teaching practice, qualification and experience of tutorial staff, premises and resources, and course length. The certificates for all trainees successfully completing the Live TEFL Prague programme are issued by IATQuO, which means that your certificate is recognised worldwide. As most reputable EFL schools now insist that new teachers are qualified with an accredited (externally validated) TEFL/TESOL certificate, you will be sure to find that our internationally accredited certificate comes in handy.

We are also members of The College of Teachers and we abide to The College’s Code of Professional Practice. We also hold other memberships. We are proud members of AmCham Czech Republic, AHK Tschechien, Association of Certified Language Schools and Association of Czech Translation Agencies (ACTA). Apart from regular Association of Language Schools certification, we are also yearly audited under ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and DIN EN 15038 standards.

Will I get a guaranteed job?

The guarantee applies to Pass 1 graduates- more info here http://www.liveteflprague.com/community-and-support/job-guarantee/ Over 60% of Pass 2 graduates get a job offer from us in the last week of their school. All graduates get a job within 2-3 weeks after the course.

Where and how long will I teach if I get a guaranteed job?

The contracts are for teaching within Prague area. We do have several schools, but they are all operated from one place in the centre of Prague. The contract is for a minimum of 6 months. However, it is our strategy to re-employ teachers, so the following contract is open-ended. An average length of employment of English native speakers at our schools is two and a half years.

Do you offer a full certificate?

Yes. Industry standard is a minimum of 100 hours of theoretical input and 6 hours of teaching practice. We offer 130+8 hours. So yes, we offer a full certificate.
Most employers, and definitely all well-paying ones, require a standard TEFL certificate stating you have successfully finished a minimum of 100 hour course and taught at least 6 hours on your own.

What countries can I apply for?

The course is located in Prague, Czech Republic. At the moment this is the only location.

Do you offer an on-line TEFL course?

We do not offer an on-line course. We believe in a strong practical teaching element which an on-line course cannot provide.

How much in advance should I apply for a course?

It differs. In general, if you apply three months in advance and pay the deposit two months in advance, you should be OK. However, last minute bookings are usually possible as well, as there might be a spot available when someone cancels. So the best way is to ask specifically about a course you want, and we will let you know how many available spots there are.

What percentage of your students earns a Pass 1 score?

It’s usually 1 or 2 graduates from each course. Our language schools usually need 2 full time teachers a month, sometimes more. And several part-timers.

I just took CELTA and I got a pass B. I would like to have a chance to fly to Prague and spend some time there. Do I have to get any more certificates?

We will gladly schedule an interview with you, but we just want to make sure you are aware of the fact that TEFL course and CELTA course are equivalent, so once you have either TEFL or CELTA, you are qualified for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
We certainly have some unique features, e.g. our focus on modern technology, know-how of a big private language school (8 thousand hours taught a month) and Job Interview Skills Training including a demo lesson, but we want to make sure you know the situation before we proceed with your application.


Payment and Discounts

I am interested in prices and discount.

The course fee is EUR 1200. There is a Bring a Friend/Partner Discount - 100 Euros off the Course price. There is also a EUR 100 discount if the deposit is paid within 7 days of a successful interview. Students already in the Czech republic get EUR 150 discount.

Is the 1200 Euro cost collected in a single payment? Or are there alternate payment options?

The tuition is collected in two steps. First a deposit of EUR 300 to book your place, the rest then needs to be paid 2 weeks before your chosen course starts at the latest.



Accommodation for the time of the course.

We book accommodation for the trainees unless they prefer to do it themselves.
We arrange any of the following types of accommodation within the greater city centre, all of which are easily reached from our classrooms.

Type of Accommodation Price*
Single room in shared apartment, no kitchen facilities 380 Euros
Single room in shared apartment with kitchenette 430 Euros
Private apartment 780 Euros

Prices are per person and include 30 nights from Saturday before the course to Monday after the course. Extra nights can be easily arranged for a small fee. All rooms offer wireless internet access.

Long-term accommodation

We are also happy to help secure long term housing after course. That includes finding the right place according to your needs and budget, negotiating with the landlord and checking the lease contract.
Prices for accommodation vary a lot, in general you can get a room in a shared apartment for about EUR 300/month (long-term agreement). Your own place (long term lease) – from EUR 400/month (owners usually require an extra monthly rent as a safety deposit). Prague has an excellent public transport, so if you are within a metro (underground/subway) reach, you can travel to any classroom in Prague in 40 minutes. If you want to be more central, any place in Prague 1, 2 or 3 would do.



How much can a TEFL teacher earn in Prague?

Almost all schools in Prague calculate your pay based on the number of hours you taught that particular month. Hourly (60 mins) rate of a teacher fresh from their TEFL training is between CZK 240-270/60 mins (1 EUR=25CZK). Full time work position would be scheduled for 18-25 hours (60 mins)/week. Good schools offer salary guarantee as especially in-company clients can sometimes cancel their lessons. Once you become more experienced and specialized, you can earn significantly more. It is recommended to get a full time job with a school for your first year and take on private students as well, who would pay better rates than any school, usually 350-400/60 mins, but tend to be less reliable with scheduling and can cancel a lot. You can get 500/60 mins or more for very specialized courses (Presentations in English, Job Interviews in English, English for Marketing, ...).

Once the 6 month contract is up, are there jobs available that extend longer than 6 months? If not, would Live TEFL Prague help me find a long-term, full-time position elsewhere?

We want to have long term cooperation with our teachers. The average length of stay for English

native speakers at our schools is 2.5 years. If both parties are happy, we re-sign the contract to an open-ended one. If not, we will help our graduates to find a job elsewhere.

I completed a 50 hour online TEFL course. Is it sufficient?

Most quality private language schools in the Czech Republic are members of Association of Language Schools. One of the quality standards for the Association schools is that all teachers must have a higher education degree and TEFL/TESOL certification. Candidates without a full time on-site TEFL certificate are typically not invited for a job interview. Online TEFL courses which don’t include teaching practice are not as well-regarded as face-to-face TEFL/TESOL courses.

I do have an accent, in your experience would that hold me back trying to gain teaching jobs in Prague?

You need to demonstrate in a demo lesson, which good schools include in the hiring process, that your students will not have problems understanding you.

I already have a full time on-site TEFL certificate and I would like to apply for a teaching position in Prague.

If you are interested in teaching in Prague you can apply via our website here: http://www.spevacek.info/en/career/teacher/

I will be 60. How likely am I to find a teaching job in Prague?

Live TEFL course is open for candidates over 18 and does not have any maximum age limit. We already had a student on our course who was 65. Most private language schools teach in companies, and their employees require teachers with real life experience.

How much is one paid, typically, with the six-month, full-time contract offer? What benefits, if any, are included?

Our language school has a salary guarantee of CZK 18.000/month. Good teachers earn more. Private language schools usually pay more than state schools, but do not provide other benefits. On the other hand, landing a full time job with state school means good benefits, but less flexible schedule and in some cases more rigorous scheme of work.


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