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Job Guarantee

We offer a full time teaching job in Prague with salary guarantee to all Live TEFL trainees who finish their course with Pass 1 and employ most graduates with Pass 2. Live TEFL Prague is a daughter company of SPĚVÁČEK Languages, one of the biggest Czech language schools. Do Live TEFL Prague course and get a job just after the course! Teaching English in Prague will make an excellent start to your TEFL career.

Our parent school has 300 teachers, most of them teach English in Prague. Demand for English teachers is high and our school employs several new full time and part time English teachers every month. Trainee assessment during the TEFL course is so intense and in depth that we are able to make a job offer to many of the trainees immediately after the course, doing away with the need to attend a formal interview.

The fact that we have a 100% satisfaction rate with all of the teachers hired directly from the TEFL course demonstrates that the TEFL assessment is probably the longest and most effective job interview ever. Read why our Director of Studies prefers hiring Live TEFL Prague graduates to other applicants.

Apply now and teach English in Prague just after your TEFL course graduation ceremony!

For information about becoming a full-time teacher at SPĚVÁČEK Languages, please visit the Career Page of our website.

Radka Nováková

“It was extremely difficult and worth the time and energy. This course is probably the best evidence for possible employers that you are ready to work on yourself and want to be better and perfect.”

Radka Nováková, Czech Republic – TEFL Teacher, Live TEFL Graduate



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