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Entry Criteria for Live TEFL Applicants

Minimum Entry Criteria for Live TEFL Applicants are:

  • 18 years and over
  • Higher Education graduate
  • English language competency
  • Interest in teaching

Age Limit

Live TEFL training is open for candidates over 18.

University Degree

Live TEFL training is open for candidates with at least a Bachelor's university degree in any discipline. Applicants without a university degree must prove their academic competence to achieve a high standard of study (to be specified during a Skype interview).

English Level

Live TEFL training is open to native speakers of English. Native speakers have a realistic opportunity to find a job in Prague after graduation. Holding a TEFL certificate opens up world-wide job opportunities teaching. Live TEFL training is also open to non-native speakers of English. Non-native English speaking candidates must demonstrate an excellent command of English (proficient or near-native level).


Teaching experience can be an advantage during the Live TEFL teaching practices but applicants for Live TEFL are not required to have such experience.


If you are an organised, communicative person with a great deal of empathy who is passionate about teaching and who wants to travel – you are the ideal TEFL training candidate.


Live TEFL training is open to both EU and non-EU citizens. Non-EU citizens will be provided with full support and visa assistance when considering a career in the Schengen zone.

Documents Needed for Your Skype Interview

  • A copy or a scan of your degree or diploma.
  • A copy or scan of your language certificates (for non-Native speakers).



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