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Course Outline

Live TEFL offers an internationally recognized TEFL certification — a balanced, 4-week intensive course combining a mix of theoretical and practical sessions.

The course aims to give new teachers sufficient training to become successful English language teachers in today’s competitive ESL (English as a Second Language) market.

The course has been designed by highly qualified EFL (English as a Foreign Language) instructors with international experience in General and Business English, and in creating tailor-made courses that reflect the specific needs of individual and corporate students, using the most modern teaching aids.

Michael Manjarezz

“The course work was very rigorous and demanding but it has been a really satisfying experience. The tools that I learned here have definitely made me a better teacher. The lessons here have made me stronger, more confident and more aware of how I conduct myself in the classroom and durring planning.”

Michael Manjarezz, USA – TEFL Teacher, Live TEFL Graduate

Live TEFL comprises four basic theory modules and teaching practice:

In addition to the teacher training, the Live TEFL course package also includes many valuable extras.

Course duration

We guarantee that during your 4-week TEFL course you will complete 130 sixty-minute sessions plus your teaching practice (8 to 10 lessons).

course outline

“This course has been developed to get people into Teaching English in just four weeks. The graduates get their certificate and off they go teaching in Prague, Barcelona, Seoul or Bangkok. It's practical, it's confidence building, it's modern and it's fun!”

Martin Hejhal - Academic Director


Module 1: Language Awareness – Outline

This module teaches the spoken and written English grammar that is essential for any teacher of EFL. Grammar is not the only important element in a language, however any future EFL/ESL teacher should have a good grasp of language rules so they can help students improve and/or prepare for any possible international exams. The module also includes lessons on how to present practice materials in paper or electronic form for immediate use or for future reference.

Your written assignment for Module 1 is a final test of the studied grammar. To be successful in this test you will need to answer at least 90% of the exam correctly.

Module 2: Teaching Skills – Outline

Module 2 focuses on providing effective tools for ESL teachers to help students improve their communicative competence in the following basic skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. This module concentrates on each of the four skills separately because different methods, principles and approaches should be used to present, reinforce, improve, and practice each skill. The most modern teaching methods are introduced. These include presentations using modern technology (Internet, iPad) and using motivating resources (films, music, YouTube, online platforms, etc.).

Your written assignments for this module involve creating four lesson plans, one for each of the skills. Each lesson plan will reflect the unique aspects of the skill being taught.

Module 3: Methodology

This module introduces the basic terminology related to teaching skills, and then looks at teaching skills in more detail. This is followed by an introduction to teaching methods and the main components of classroom management that are crucial for language teachers, such as using your voice, giving instructions, seating arrangements, and using L1 in the different stages of a lesson. This module and Module 4 on Lesson Planning together make up the core of the Live TEFL training program.

Your assignment for this section includes a written test and an essay.

Module 4: Lesson Planning

Module 4 focuses on teaching you how to plan effective lessons. In this module you will look at the roles of the teacher and students within the learning environment. You will have an opportunity to teach real students in a stimulating classroom environment. By the end of this module, successful trainees will be able to plan the different stages and the different types of lessons using a lesson planning template.

Your teaching performance will be assessed through assessment forms, self-assessment, and peer feedback. Each trainee will receive detailed feedback in a one-to-one session which will highlight their individual needs.

Observation of senior teachers

An hour-long session of observing senior teachers, followed by reflection, is scheduled during week 2.

Survival Czech

The goal of Survival Czech is to help the trainees understand the situation that their potential students will be experiencing when studying a foreign language. As the TEFL training takes place in a foreign country, authentic total immersion provides an opportunity for all non-native trainees with no Czech language knowledge to experience language learning. Apart from the academic aspect, Survival Czech lessons also provide trainees with basic everyday vocabulary and phrases.

Feedback sessions

Each teaching practice is followed by an individual feedback session with the observer, where strengths, weaknesses and further development tips are discussed. A mid-course assessment and, of course, the end of course assessment, are integral parts of the course. Trainees can schedule an optional feedback session with the course directors at any time during the course.

Jessica Williams

“I really liked the constructive feedback from our teaching observations. I can see clearly that Live TEFL holds their students to a high standard, and I think that is great! ”

Jessica Williams, USA – TEFL Teacher, Live TEFL Graduate



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