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Course specification

Live TEFL offers a balanced, comprehensive, 4-week intensive course combining a mix of theoretical and practical sessions coupled with an internationally recognized TEFL certificate. To guarantee you personal and individualized tuition and guidance, there will be a maximum number of nine students on each course!

Together with intensive 130 hour course you also get a full service for your Prague stay. We provide assistance before, during and after your course to help you relocate, live in Prague, get TEFL trained and find a TEFL job.


“This course is the real deal. It was very intense. I am now equipped with the skills and experience necessary to go out and start teaching. The course does a thorough job in preparing students for teaching.”

Erik Mutzke, USA – TEFL Teacher, Live TEFL graduate

Matthew Slavik

“It is a very intense course, and it is probably the hardest I have ever had to work in an academic setting. But once you finish you definitely do feel prepared to teach. I can't imagine a teacher that completes an online course could possibly be as good as a teacher that goes through Live TEFL.”

Matthew Slavik, USA – TEFL Teacher, Live TEFL Graduate

Course Details

Timetable: Mon. to Sat., times – to be specified prior the course
Duration: 130 sixty-minute sessions+8 lessons of teaching practice
Class Size: Maximum of 9 students
Price: See Dates and Prices

Live TEFL Package Includes

  • Job Guarantee
  • Job Guidance
  • Video Resume
  • All Course Books and Materials
  • Networking Events
  • Pick up at the Airport or Bus/Train Station
  • Use of School Premises
  • Visa, Work Permit, Business License,
    and Housing Guidance
  • Help Line (24/7 for urgencies)
  • Trip to Karlštejn Castle
  • Guided tour through Prague

Job Guarantee

We offer a six-month, full time contract with salary guarantee to all Live TEFL trainees who finish their course with Pass 1. Pass 2 graduates are interviewed and there is a good chance of getting a job with SPĚVÁČEK Languages, one of the biggest schools in the Czech republic. Go to the Job Guarantee for an overview.

Free Job Guidance

Live TEFL will help you get that TEFL job! Our instructors will give you deep insight into winning techniques for a successful TEFL job search Check out the Free Job Guidance sub-section for an overview.

Video Resume

As a part of your Live TEFL package, you'll figure out how to act with self-confidence and make a good impression in front of a camera: under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will create your own video resume. Not only will you have loads of fun and plenty of inspiring moments, but the video will certainly come in handy if you decide to look for a new English teaching job.

Video Resume Examples – Click on the picture to play the video.

All Course Books and Materials

All course books and materials are included in the package for no additional fee. Check out the Course Outline sub-section for an overview.

Networking Events

Welcome Party is a great opportunity to meet your new classmates and the trainers.The SPĚVÁČEK staffroom is open for you all day. Our Pub Nights are a great way to meet your new friends. Graduation Party is a well deserved celebration of your hard work and successful exam. See Networking Events sub-section for an overview.

Pick up at the Airport or Bus/Train Station

We will pick you up in person at the airport, if you so wish. Alternatively, we'll provide you with all the information you need to reach our facilities.

Use of School Premises

Be sure to make use of the opportunity to get together with veteran teachers in the Teachers' Room. Aside from meeting there for a pleasant chat or a bit of advice, you can also use the school premises to print or copy documents for free, surf the internet, borrow books from the study library, fix yourself a meal in the school's kitchenette, or hang out in the PC room.

Visa, Work Permit, Business License, and Housing Guidance

A very important part of your Live TEFL Package consists of our support in managing the administrative paperwork and footwork in connection with obtaining visa, a work permit, and a business license. If you decide to live and work in Prague upon completion of your TEFL course, we will gladly assist you in securing a long-term rental room or apartment in Prague.Check out the Visa support sub-section.

Help Line (24/7 for urgencies)

During your exploration of Prague, you'll always be able to fall back on your Live TEFL hotline which you may call at any time to ask us for advice and assistance.

Trip to Karlštejn Castle

As a part of the TEFL package, you'll also be going on a half-day trip to the ancient gothic Karlštejn castle. The trip to Karlštejn involves a journey by train through the pretty Berounka river valley and a pleasant uphill hike, with the impressive castle looming above your head and guiding you on your way.

Guided tour through Prague

Not only will we provide you with all necessary information about Prague, but a guided tour of Prague and its most important sights and monuments is included in the price. Visit the Must-see sub-section.

tefl course Prague        

Guided tour through Prague - most important sights and monuments

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Other benefits included in your Live TEFL package:

  • We'll arrange for you monthly travel pass for the Prague public transport system.
  • We'll give you a monthly brochure with the listings of upcoming cultural events in Prague.
  • We'll assist you in reserving and buying tickets to cultural and sports events.
  • We'll assist you in making reservations for sports fields, renting sports gear, or signing up for a gym or sports club membership.
  • We'll share a list of good, inexpensive Prague eateries with you, show you the best restaurants in the center, and give you tips where to eat out in the vicinity of our classrooms.  
  • We'll advise you how and where to do your shopping, to get the most bang for your buck.  
  • We'll provide you with an overview of Prague's cab services and their rates, and show you how to secure an inexpensive ride home from the city center. 



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