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If you want to stay in Prague, the EU or the Schengen Zone for a longer period, let us know BEFORE the course and we will organize the paperwork for you. We will send you a list of the documents we need to get you through the process.

EU citizens can study, work and live in the Czech Republic without completing any extra paperwork. If you are from the USA, Canada or Australia, you can stay, travel and study for three months in the Schengen Zone without a visa.

Matthew Slavik

“Sandra was extremely helpful. Always willing to make the extra effort to help us out with anything from signing up for a bank account, finding a flat, help with my visa paperwork, and anything inbetween.”

Matthew Slavik, USA – TEFL Teacher, Live TEFL Graduate

Visas – Steps to Working Legally in the Czech Republic

EU citizens do not need any visa to enter, study and work in the Czech Republic.

US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand citizens can enter the Czech Republic without a visa. The allowed length of stay in the so-called Schengen zone (most of Europe including the Czech Republic) is 3 months. So there is no problem if you’re taking our Live TEFL course and doing some travelling. However, you need to acquire the following to be able to work here:

  • A visa for a longer stay.
  • A trade license (živnostenský list) on the basis of which you will qualify for a visa (it allows you to teach English in the Czech Republic on a freelance basis for more schools or/and work directly with companies and private students)

It is necessary, even essential to start work on getting a visa and trade license before the course begins. The visa and related paperwork usually costs about 400 euro, plus you need to make two trips to a Czech embassy abroad (e.g. Berlin or Vienna), first to apply for a visa and then to collect it. This can be used for some sightseeing as well!

The first visa you will be applying for is a 6-month long-stay visa that everyone wishing to work in the Czech Republic starts with. In order to apply for this visa, you need to provide the Czech embassy that you go to with a package of documents (including Czech-issued administrative papers, visa application form and trade license papers); you can leave the acquisition of these to our visa help supplier, who can put together the application package for you and do most of the administrative work (trade license application and acquisition of other documents) on your behalf for a fee (up to 300 euro). There are several things which you will need to provide yourself before the process can be completed. These are:

  • A passport valid for at least 12 months past your intended stay in the Czech Republic.
  • 2 passport photos.
  • A criminal record check.
  • An address in the Czech Republic. The landlord will need to sign letters to the effect that 1) you can live there and 2) you can have your business address there.
  • A valid international debit or credit card as proof of means to support yourself while in the Czech Republic.
  • The Proof of the required Financial Coverage for the stay (bank statement or other proof of funds equivalent roughly to CZK 140.000/EUR 5.600)

We also recommend bringing either the original of your degree(s) or their notarized copy, as someone may want to see them while you are here. Ideally, the process of gathering the documents will be started before you come to the Czech Republic, in order to meet all deadlines.

If you come prepared with the necessary documents and start the process early enough, you will ensure an easier transition for yourself into life in the Czech Republic, by minimizing the hassle that bureaucracy tends to produce.

If you’re not sure whether you need a visa to enter or work in the Czech Republic, drop us an email at contact@liveteflprague.com.


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