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Make 2018 the Year That Changes Everything

Don't let another year of unfulfilled resolutions and life goals pass you by. When you earn a TEFL certificate and live abroad, every day is an adventure!

2018 will soon be upon us. It’s a festive time of year where many friends, family, and colleagues talk about making New Year’s resolutions. While they might plot a new exercise routine or make empty promises to spend more time on a hobby, you can actually fulfill a dream and life-goal of traveling more often and living abroad. How you might ask? By signing up for a TEFL course! While I’m guilty of failing at many New Year’s resolutions, one resolution I kept (and I’m glad I did!) was enrolling in a TEFL course with Live TEFL Prague back in 2014.

I decided on the city of Prague after a lot of research regarding the standard of living, the job market for English teachers, the price of the course, and safety of the city. After plenty of evidence to my satisfaction, I decided on the course at Live TEFL Prague. The ability to have teaching practice with real English language students, to have English teaching professionals audit my work and my teaching approach with constructive feedback, to have access to the resources of an actual language school, plus visa and accommodation assistance made the choice an easy one!

Live TEFL is in the heart of the city and an affiliate with one of the largest language schools, Spěváček. And lucky me! My hard work and dedication paid off and I was offered a full-time teaching position with the school.

Prague is an amazing city. From summer beer gardens, breweries, and beer halls a-plenty, to cat cafes, cobblestone streets, and castles by the dozen, Prague and the Czech Republic have so much to offer to anyone curious enough to discover it. Teaching English here means you make your own schedule, make a difference in people's lives, and enjoy a rich social scene all while making memories of a lifetime.

Add in the cool side benefits of being able to travel easily and freely throughout Europe, to live abroad, to continuously be surrounded by students and colleagues from different parts of the world, to be immersed in a different culture and language, to learn new traditions and consider viewpoints on present and historical events. It all changes your life in ways you can only imagine now!

So don’t say “maybe next year” this time! Make the jump, take that gap year, take a chance on yourself; earn a TEFL certificate with Live TEFL Prague.

See you in Prague!

By Jessica Williams, 20 December 2017


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