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The Days are Getting Shorter

Čerttovka - autumn in Prague“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house." - Notebook, Oct. 10, 1842, Nathaniel Hawthorne,The American Notebooks

Prague’s autumn

Cooler temperatures and shorter days signal the start of Prague’s autumn. It’s unlikely that we’ll see 30 degree temperatures again this year, but that doesn’t mean that the best of the year is past. Autumn in Prague is full of sunny days (okay, some days it rains) and the sun still sets late enough for Prague citizens to enjoy a balmy evening stroll through the city’s many parks and gardens.

As autumn leaves start to fall the views from Prague’s high points alter. No longer do I have to satisfy myself with a mere glimpse of the Vltava from Petřín Hill. As summer turns to autumn, then winter, and the leaves get out of the way, a spectacular vista opens up before you. It’s a great time of year to take photos looking across the city, or over to Prague Castle.

Vinobraní na Grébovce - Autumn in PragueBut autumn in Prague means so much more.

Grébovka vintage

For lovers of the grape make sure you get yourself to Náměstí Míru on 26 September, or to Havlíčkovy sady on the 27th, for the annual Vinobraní na Grébovce. Grébovka is home to one of the largest working vineyards in Prague. Taste the burčák, but take care. This partially fermented, very sweet young wine is potent.

Musical events

Because this is Prague there is always music. The annual Strings of Autumn Festival offers music ranging from classical to jazz, from early music to world music, and more. In the words of their website this is a “musical crossroads where genre meets genre, and tradition meets experiment.”

October 16 sees Prague welcome the legendary American singer-songwriter Joan Baez—she’ll be performing at the Lucerna Music Bar. Il Divo, Lady Gaga, Passenger and Kylie Minogue will also be performing here during October.

Signal Festival

Another Prague highlight in October is the Signal Light Festival. From 16 to 19 October light will flood the city. Signal Fest Prague 2014 - Autumn in PragueThe festival organizers have promised many interactive installations, and of course there will be the usual video mappings of historic buildings—all designed to show you this city in a new light (excuse the pun).

As Prague dresses up it in the russet, reds and golds of autumn take a lesson from Nathaniel Hawthorne and resist the temptation to stay indoors.
You won’t be sorry.

By Dalice Trost, 8 September 2014

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