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Teaching in Prague? Guaranteed!

When TEFL training turns into the world’s longest job interview

Live TEFL is a unique study programme which combines TEFL training with a realistic chance to be given a job offer for employment with SPEVACEK Language School soon after graduation, based on your detailed course assessment.

The regular recruitment process for applicants interested in working as a teacher with SPEVACEK Language School has a clear structure – CV screening, application form and a two round interview process. This comprehensive recruitment process has one clear goal: to select the best possible applicants to work for our school.

The TEFL training course offers students ongoing assessment of their teaching skills and sheds light on their ability to learn and grow, to make the most of feedback, and to put the theory into practice. The assessment can uncover information about the trainees’ personalities and talents, and their attitudes towards deadlines and assignments.

Trainee assessment during the TEFL course is so intense and in depth that we are able to make a job offer to some of the trainees immediately after the course, doing away with the need to attend a formal interview or the interview steps mentioned earlier. The fact that we have a 100% satisfaction rate with all of the teachers hired directly from the TEFL course demonstrates that the TEFL assessment is probably the longest and most effective job interview ever.

Live TEFL trainees who were offered teaching positions

Trainee Course date Pass 1 Job offer SPEVACEK teacher Teaching elsewhere
Brianna S. Jan 2014   × ×  
Anthony G. Mar 2014   × ×  
Matthew S. Mar 2014   × ×  
Michael M. May 2014   ×   China
Kornélia M. July 2014   ×   China
Alexander S. Aug 2014   ×   Greece
Kirstin B. Aug 2014   ×   Greece
Annika R. Oct 2014   × ×  
Ryan S. Oct 2014   ×   Netherlands
Larisa E. Oct 2014   ×    
Trinidy P. Nov 2014   × ×  
Lucia G. Nov 2014 × ×   Brno, CZ
Jessica W. Nov 2014   × ×  

Personally I wish I had the same assessment opportunity with every job applicant that we hire. Why? It is well known that people can be trained to succeed at job interviews, and sometimes their true personality and work ethic are only discovered after they have started work.

By Ria Korcová, 23 March 2015



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