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Live TEFL Prague Externally Validated and Accredited

IATQuOWe are proud to announce the Live TEFL Prague programme has met, or exceeded, all criteria required by the International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations (IATQuO) and has been internationally accredited.

We set up our TEFL course based on high academic standards and using our experience running a large private language school with 300 teachers. As much as we know our strengths and the value of our teaching qualification, we realized that our trainees need an internationally accredited certificate. We also liked the idea of being externally moderated, and of using the expertise of an international accrediting body to continuously improve our programme.

So we applied to be accredited by International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations (IATQuO), an accreditation body that issues some 1300 internationally-recognized TEFL certificates a year.

IATQuO Academic Director Dr Moller spent 3 days at Live TEFL Prague last week and evaluated our programme against five key criteria – course content and balance, observed teaching practice, qualifications of tutorial staff, premises and resources, and course length.

Dr Moller reviewed all of the written materials (our application included 27 pages and 20 appendices), had a long discussion with the trainees attending the current course, interviewed all of our trainers individually, observed all of our current trainees during their teaching practice and the feedback they were given by the teaching practice tutor, checked the trainees’ teaching portfolios, and spent long hours discussing the course with Ria (Director of Studies) and Martin (Course Director).

IATQuO will also moderate the course, which means that they will send an inspector every year to check that the standards have been maintained and we have been following their recommendations. The certificates for all future trainees completing the Live TEFL Prague programme will be issued by IATQuO.

It feels good to have experts from outside confirming we have been running an excellent course.

My thanks go to Ria, the main designer of the Live TEFL Prague programme, our great trainers Jana, Kate, Dita, Mark and Jon and our current star trainees Samantha, Sydney, Star, Appy and Daniel.

by Martin Hejhal, 5 May 2015


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