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Graduate Spotlight: Danny Brack - USA

Danny participated in the August 2017 Live TEFL Prague course and has been teaching English in Prague since. Why did he choose the city of Prague and what are his favourite things about teaching here?

The courses Danny teaches include post-secondary courses, in-company/business English courses, one-on-one courses, and public courses. Having just completed the Live TEFL Prague certification recently, Danny is attune to many of the questions facing those who are considering participating in the program and hopes to help prospective program participants by sharing his experience with Live TEFL Prague.

Why did you choose the city of Prague?
I graduated from the George Washington University in June. One thing I knew I wanted post-graduation was to move to Europe; Europe is, after all, simply amazing. While I’m still considering furthering my studies in graduate school, I’ve chosen to work as an English teacher in Prague for the time being. Why Prague in particular? I chose Prague for a few reasons: the marvels of the architecture of a historic city relatively untouched by bombings in WWII, the low cost of living, the prime location conducive to travel throughout Europe, and of course some of the best beer in the world. Let’s not forget another important factor: high demand for English teachers, which Prague certainly offers!

Why did you choose Live TEFL Prague? What was the most important factor in your decision?
When I first began the Live TEFL Prague course I was fairly apprehensive, considering the prospect of settling into a new city and completing the intensive course without certainty in regards employment. However, the Live TEFL Prague program, which came highly recommended by my university, has lived up to that recommendation, providing invaluable guidance during this transitive period.
One of the best surprises of the TEFL course was an alleviation of one of my biggest anxieties throughout the course: the prospect of employment. I was incredibly pleased to receive a job offer before the TEFL course even finished. To anyone with whom this might be a shared concern, I would say not to worry; if you work hard in the course, finding work won’t be a challenge.

What advice would you give to those thinking about going abroad and teaching?          
I would advise any prospective participants to save money before embarking on the adventure of teaching abroad. Especially considering the challenges of dealing with a foreign currency, as well as the intensiveness of the course during the first month in Prague, money disappears faster than you think.

What is your favorite thing about teaching in Prague?
My experience in Prague thus far has been incredible. From the country’s natural beauty, to the splendor of the architecture of buildings that would typically be nondescript elsewhere, to all the wonderful people I’ve met so far, teaching in Prague has been an unforgettable experience. I would recommend the Live TEFL Prague program to anyone who asks!

By Jessica Williams, 1 November 2017



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