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Teach English in Prague: Five great reasons

Want a fun-packed adventure in one of the coolest cities in Europe? Mark Pickering explains why teaching English in Prague is a must.


Teaching English in Prague is an adventure. Well, obviously, not in a bungee-jumping off a volcano or feeding Maltesers to a shark kind of way. But it's an experience that'll get you a give you a massive, Pavarotti-sized buzz. Just imagine: one minute you're stuck in your hometown, staring at the ceiling, eating crisps, thinking how good that weekend you had in Prague was. And then, the next moment, you're actually living there. A teaching textbook in one hand, a cold Pilsner in the other, skipping about its cobbled streets with a baboonish grin on your face. That's basically what I did. And that was just the start. In the past seven years, it has been one adventure after the next. And I haven't even tried the beer bath yet.


Teaching English in Prague is a good laugh. A laugh? How can it be? You're standing at the front of the class, sweating like the proverbial pig, trying in vain to describe the word 'rambunctious'. It's like that nightmare when you find yourself naked in church, or headlining Glastonbury with an aubergine for a guitar. Well, actually, no, it's not. Like anything, teaching can be a bit nervy at first, but when you do TEFL in Prague at Spevacek Live TEFL, all of those teaching jitters are well and truly beaten out of you by the instructors. The team - lovely, pacifist chaps, really - will patiently train you in the art of classroom management - and by the end of the course, you'll not only feel at ease teaching English, you'll be smiling and joking as you do it.


Teaching English in Prague is a great way to travel. Talk to any random Czech and they'll probably bemoan the country's lack of sea. But trust me, this is a good thing - it means being bordered by a host of brilliant, easily-explorable countries. Bored one afternoon? Head to the markets of  Dresden. Fancy some Austrian sachetorte? Hop on a bus to Vienna. In Prague, you are literally in the heart of Europe, and even more brilliant - the bus company, Student Agency, shuttles people to Berlin, Krakow and a whole host of other cool places for the price of a Kit-Kat. Teaching English in Prague gives you money to spend, plus a load of time to spend it.



Teaching English in Prague is a way to meet people. Now, I'm not suggesting that you're some kind of hermit, sat in a cave, psychotically rocking yourself to sleep after a hot cocoa. But doing TEFL in Prague allows you to encounter a diverse mix of brilliant and fascinating people. Within one week of being here, I'd already met a hugely-bearded Romanian guitarist, a poet whose only ever published piece was a sonnet about kneecaps, and a dwarf-like man whose head permanently looked like a bowling ball which had just been waxed. Tonnes of amazing people are always flooding through Spevacek's welcoming doors - and over the years, I've meet some terrific friends, some great teaching contacts - and even, would you believe it, my wife!


Teaching English in Prague is cool. When I first came here in 2009, Prague was a beautiful but rather static city, seemingly only full of smoky pubs and shops where you could buy radish. Fast-forward 7 years, and the city has transformed into a trendy hub, boasting incredible craft pubs, great farmers markets, vinyl shacks, outdoor drinking spots, and has quite possibly, the most amount of hipster beards in Europe per square inch. In short, the city now has everything - the incredible oldie-worldliness it is renowned for, plus thriving pockets of cosmopolitan cool.


So, what are you waiting for? Finish your crisps, tell your boss to shove it, book your air ticket and come and teach English in Prague.

By Mark Pickering


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