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Jessica Williams Whether the Weather Be... 
By Jessica Williams, 17 January 2018

Weather is always the small talk fallback, but when you’re moving to a new country with a climate you’re not familiar with... Read more.

Jessica Williams Make 2018 the Year That Changes Everything 
By Jessica Williams, 20 December 2017

Don't let another year of unfulfilled resolutions and life goals pass you by. When you earn a TEFL certificate and live abroad, every day is an adventure! Read more.

Thor von Presley My Christmas in Prague 
By Thor von Presley, 24 November 2017

But it might be cold. Correction. It will be cold, but for this to work, I need you to put that behind you. I say you should get a good coat and a nice pair of good wool socks and... Read more.

Setting the Standard: Live TEFL Prague is Star-Verified! 
9 November 2017

Live TEFL Prague is one of GoAbroad’s most elite international program providers. By demonstrating exceptional dedication to international education opportunities and... Read more.

Jessica Williams Graduate Spotlight: Danny Brack - USA 
By Jessica Williams, 30 October 2017

Danny participated in the August 2017 Live TEFL Prague course and has been teaching English in Prague since. Why did he choose the city of Prague and what are his favourite things about teaching here? Read more.

Jessica Williams New Town Hall Secrets 
By Jessica Williams, 11 October 2017

Have you ever gone by a place without paying it much attention, only to discover that there was something really special there all along? Prague is filled to the brim with. Read more.

Dalice Trost LiveTEFL Prague and summer – spend a month, change your life 
By Dalice Trost, 24 May 2017

Warm days, balmy evenings, a flourishing cultural scene, combined with the chance to get your TEFL qualification and take advantage of the high autumn demand for teachers: summer is the perfect time to study in Prague. Read more.

Dalice Trost Enjoy spring in Prague 
By Dalice Trost, 28 February 2017

Something you will love is happening this spring in Prague. Read more.

Dalice Trost White Christmas in Prague 
By Dalice Trost, 22 November 2016

The days are shorter and the temperature colder. Winter is here, and with it comes the scent of mulled wine permeating the air in central Prague and all the other delights offered by a Czech winter. Read more.

Dalice Trost It’s Nearly Autumn 
By Dalice Trost, 1 September 2016

Enjoy the cooler days and the soft autumn evenings, and make sure you get out and about to gain the most from your time in Prague. Read more.

Mark Pickering

Teaching English in Prague: Your travel ticket to Central and Eastern Europe
By Mark Pickering, 4 July 2016

Want a great way to travel? Come to Prague and teach English - it's the cool, central hub of Central and Eastern Europe. Read more.

Dalice Trost Out and about in summer, in Prague!
By Dalice Trost, 25 June 2016

Picture yourself sitting in a beautiful park, enjoying the sunshine and sipping a cold beer. But if drinking beer, or enjoying the great outdoors, aren’t your thing, Prague has plenty more to offer this summer. Read more.

Mark Pickering 7 Deadly Sins of Teaching English (in the Czech Republic)
By Mark Pickering, 6 June 2016

Teaching English in the Czech Republic can be a huge amount of fun. Just be sure to avoid these deadly pitfalls. Read more.

Mark Pickering Teach English in Prague: Five great reasons
By Mark Pickering, 13 April 2016

Want a fun-packed adventure in one of the coolest cities in Europe? Mark Pickering explains why teaching English in Prague is a must. Read more.

Dalice Trost Spring has Sprung!
By Dalice Trost, 16 March 2016

It’s well known that the weather in Prague, whether it’s raining or snowing, sunny or windy, will not deter people from getting out and about and enjoying all the city has to offer. But after months of dealing with the winter cold, it’s time to remove a layer or two and enjoy the spring. As always, Prague has much to enjoy. Read more.

Mark Pickering Want a decent NY's resolution? Start a TEFL course
By Mark Pickering, 15 December 2015

Take up zumba? Become a vegan? Nah, sign up to Spěváček 's TEFL course in Prague to really enhance your life, recommends Mark Pickering.Read more.

Dalice Trost Prague's Autumn Splendour
By Dalice Trost, 10 September 2015

It’s that wonderful time of year again when verdant turns to russet and gold. Yes, it’s autumn (or fall if you prefer), and autumn in Prague is wonderful. Read more.

Mark Pickering A typical teaching day
By Mark Pickering, 16 June 2015

Belly flops, beers with students and teaching grammar to a man that clucks: Mark Pickering tells us about a typical day in the life of an English teacher in Prague. Read more.

Dalice Trost Prague Summer
By Dalice Trost, 3 June 2015

Long days, warm nights and a huge range of cultural and sporting activities make Prague the ideal place to enjoy summertime in Europe. Read more.

Martin Hejhal Live TEFL Prague Externally Validated and Accredited
by Martin Hejhal, 5 May 2015

We have been accredited by IATQuO and now offer an internationally recognized TEFL certificate course. Why? Read more.

Ria Korcová Teaching in Prague? Guaranteed!
By Ria Korcová, 23 March 2015

Live TEFL is a unique study programme which combines TEFL training with a realistic chance to be given a job offer for employment with SPEVACEK Language School soon after graduation, based on your detailed course assessment. Read more.

Dalice Trost Spring: The Ideal Time to Visit Prague
By Dalice Trost, 2 March 2015

The days are lengthening. Winter has nearly left us and spring is just around the corner. Any day now green shoots will appear on the bare boughs of winter trees. It’s the perfect time of year to discover Prague’s great outdoors, to enjoy some rather quirky cultural traditions, and to take in a concert or two. Read more.

Teaching Sin #3 – No long term planning
by Martin Hejhal, 27 February 2015

As teachers, we often forget the obvious—like that most people study because they have some sort of goal in mind. It’s not rocket science, right? Read more.

Prague—A Winter Wonderland
By Dalice Trost, 19 Decemmber 2014

Just last week a light dusting of snow on the cars in my street welcomed me one morning, signalling the onset of winter—in my mind anyway. Read more.

The Days are Getting Shorter …
By Dalice Trost, 8 September 2014

“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house."
- Notebook, Oct. 10, 1842, Nathaniel Hawthorne,The American Notebooks
Cooler temperatures and shorter days signal the start of Prague’s autumn. Read more.

Teaching Sin #2 – Limited time for practising
by Martin Hejhal, 1 September 2014

I see this too often when I am observing a class. There is no, or extremely limited, practice of what was learnt in previous lessons. When you use a textbook, the authors usually try to squeeze each new word in three to five times, so it gets repeated. Read more.

Teaching Sin #1 – Neglecting textbooks
by Martin Hejhal, 13 August 2014

I have been fighting with this one for years. Most TEFL courses put utmost importance to their students’ ability to create their own materials for their teaching practice and base their whole lesson on self-made materials. I beg you, do not do it! Read more.

Summer blog
By Dalice Trost, 15 July 2014

“Summertime, and the living is easy ...” Summer in Prague is in full swing. And just like every season in Prague, the city is packed with fun events to suit every taste and budget. Here are some highlights.
Read more

Spring blog
By Dalice Trost, 1 April 2014

Spring—spring cleaning, Iranian New Year celebrations, warmish days, cherry blossoms, sunshine…these spring to mind when I think of spring. Now I am living in the northern hemisphere, I am becoming accustomed to the unaccustomed. Easter in spring, Christmas in winter. Read more.

Brianna Shawhan We interviewed Brianna, LiveTEFL graduate
By Brianna Shawhan, 21 March 2014

We’ve spoken to Brianna, a successful graduate of LiveTEFL Prague who has joined SPĚVÁČEK Languages as a teacher, about her experience and motivation, and her decision to leave the US and work as a TEFL teacher. Read more.




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