Teach English in Prague,
the heart of Europe.

  • Prime Location
  • Job Guarantee
  • TEFL Certificate

Check out the available dates for the internationally accredited, 4-week TEFL/TESOL teacher training course in Prague, Live TEFL. Apply now for your Live TEFL course! Special Pricing available for February, March, and April courses and year-round discounts apply!

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Experience the vibrant life and culture of Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic! Prague is the heart of the old continent. Live here and the whole of Europe is at your fingertips. Living is relatively inexpensive, and there are wonderful sites, friendly people, great Czech cuisine.

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We offer a six-month, full time contract with salary guarantee for all trainees who finish their course with Pass 1. Teaching English in Prague for us at SPĚVÁČEK, one of the biggest Czech language schools, will make an excellent start to your TEFL career.

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Live TEFL Gives You an Advantage in Teaching English

  • TEFL Certificate

    Internationally recognized and fully accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate
  • 130 contact hours

    4 weeks of intensive in-classroom training; we get you teaching your first lesson in week one of the course!
  • Small Class Size

    We provide a highly individualized teacher training experience
  • Prime Location

    Training takes place at our language school in the center of Prague
  • Visa Support

    Help with obtaining the legal documents so you can start teaching
  • Experienced Trainers

    Highly qualified and experienced TEFL instructors will guide your training
  • Authentic school

    Train with professionals from a real language school, not just a TEFL training center
  • Work With Us!

    Full-time contract teaching English for our language school for top performers
  • Go LIVE

    REAL English teaching practice with REAL students
  • Job guidance

    Expert guidance – start teaching English in Prague ASAP

Why Earning a TEFL/TESOL Certificate Matters

  • Qualify for an English teaching job in just 4 weeks!
  • Make huge progress in an intensive and focused teacher training program.
  • Broaden your international experience and enhance your CV.
  • Teach English worldwide with an accredited, in-classroom TEFL certification.

Why Teaching English in Prague is a Win

  • Very strong teaching job market with opportunities awaiting qualified teachers
  • Language teachers are respected for their experience, knowledge, and skills
  • Prague is a vibrant, metropolitan city in the heart of Europe
  • Teaching in Prague offers a job with autonomy, creativity and authentic connection

Introducing Live TEFL Prague

Live TEFL Prague is a leading TEFL program in Prague. Enjoy your TEFL/TESOL course in Prague and get TEFL certified in four weeks. Live TEFL Prague is a modern and progressive course with dedicated trainers and staff supporting you from start to finish! Earning a TEFL certificate is the first step in qualification for anyone wishing to become a successful EFL Teacher. Do your TEFL Course in the Czech Republic! Start here, go anywhere!

We are located close to the Old Town center of Prague in the classic and charming neighborhood of Vinohrady. While training at Live TEFL Prague you will also have the chance to enjoy the vibrant lifestyle and culture of this beautiful and fascinating historic city.

With Live TEFL Prague you will study under a team of highly experienced TEFL trainers who have lived and taught in many countries with years of practical and theoretical experience. You will have teaching practice will be with real English language students and you will discover how to teach using a variety of teaching methodologies and how to use the latest technology in the classroom.

Live TEFL Opens Up the World of English Teaching Opportunities

Teaching English abroad is rewarding and Live TEFL Prague gives you a headstart. By studying in the capital of the Czech Republic, you gain a taste of living abroad and have an opportunity to become familiar with the country before applying for work here. Many of our graduates have stayed in the Czech Republic, but certification from Live TEFL Prague doesn’t only qualify you for teaching in our country. Our TEFL certificate opens up English teaching opportunities in many other countries all over the world! Currently, our TEFL graduates are working abroad throughout Asia and Europe, experiencing life in countries like China, France, Greece (to name a few!)

There is a strong demand for English teachers internationally, but preference is given to job applicants who hold an in-classroom TEFL certificate. Why? The certification guarantees that each student has a firm theoretical basis and audited teaching practice in a real classroom and because Live TEFL Prague includes a strong practical component, it also means that our graduates feel confident and comfortable when they start their first English teaching job.

Ready to start your TEFL journey? Apply now!

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